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Now find the new features introduced in the implementation Do Tours Addictive: Today your profile, real personal space which will be stored all the information about your circuit, your lists, your check-in and photos.

Your profile, your personnal space

Where is the cafe where you left off? Or was this photo taken already? My friends ask me advice on places not to miss? Your profile answers these questions. It is a personal space for storing and sharing your cards, your routes, photos stickées on the plan, your check-in and what you have to discover.

Creating profile

To add to their profile Do Tours, two possible solutions: a connections via Facebook, or refractory to a social network

Do not miss the places that matter most to you

Do not miss the places that matter most to you

manual creation with a login and password. Profile creation will add points to your account, like any other action in the application. What power your beginner level consistently. 4 tabs will be displayed on your profile screen: Miles, Check-in, to see, Photos.

One kilometer walk.

During a break, it is not uncommon to be asked later in the day how many kilometers were swallowed. And yes on vacation, weekend, or visit a city, it is not uncommon to walk for many miles. Pocket application, the application will record your route and allow you to see him in full on your profile..

Check in places

You are near a monument, notify it with a check-in and earn points Monuments Tracker. All locations appear checkés well in your profile and you will know how much you still have to explore, you will get to see everything and report?

The Todo list your places to visit

Want to know how many miles you have traveled?

Want to know how many miles you have traveled?

Some monuments, sites, places, are essential to you? From the monuments located around you, you create a custom list of your favorite monuments, to be sure not to forget during your next circuit. This is your todo list travel.

All your photos geotagged

During your walk, capture the most beautiful places on your phone from the app, and find them directly on the plan and offer your friends places restaurants cafes not to miss and geotag them on the map!

Setting up your profile

Access to the settings of the application is available from the profile page by pressing the icon to the left of the écran.Sur this page, find the tourist office of the city, links to us Follow on social networks (allowing you to earn extra points), a contact page, and an essential function of the application, download the offline maps so you can not use the DATA function on your phone, terribly practical in countries where the additional costs are DATA to add to your package. This option is available WIFI. Want to know how to level up, the articles will give you uneindication on the number of points to collect to pass to the next grade: the number of records to visit, although the best way to get points is to use the maximum application during your stay.


So what do you think about this feature ?

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