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Now find the new features introduced in the implementation Do Tours Addictive: today Missions, One way to discover and have fun monuments of a city, to collect points and to chain levels Beginner to Master .

Original mission

Discovering monuments even more attractive playing! Treasure hunt for your children, complete missions, challenges proposals Quiz to test your level of knowledge. Whenever points to win, you follow your progress. So simple amateur? Expert? Master, it’s your turn. To you to challenge your friends, share your success, gain extra points by posting your selfies.


Every action on a monument will allow you to score points. The opening of a monument of sheet: 50 points, the audio launch of a plug, with voice reading the story and anecdotes of a monument is 80 points. You are close to the monument, your phone offers notify and so recover 100 extra points. Accumulate 10 check-in, they are 1000 additional items to add to your credit score.


the Quiz

Participate Quiz 5 multiple choice questions and collect 60 points per correct answer, make a faultless and collect 300 points of additional bonuses. To decide between competitors, timer records the speed at which you are responding. The faster you find the answer, the higher your ranking will climb.



The new version of Do Tours offers to geotag your photos and save them in space application profile. Each picture taken will boost your total of 50 points.



You want an original tour of the monuments of a city, we offer a heading circuit, on which it will be possible to follow a route with themes chosen to Paris for example, “the romantic Paris, cults places movies “.


Game Masters

When you reach the master level, new possibilities open to you. Create yourself your own tracks, Quiz, Treasure hunt, and offer them to the community Do Tours is your game. You’re the absolute Master.


Each monument card invites you to share on Facebook and Twitter, have dreamed your friends by showing them the places visited and even collect points. Sharing a record 100-point credit your account, sharing a photo: 100 points also. Submit 10 releases, we offer 1500 comp points, enough to climb your gauge quickly. Arrive you become a Master Do Tours?



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