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Beneficial door to door seamless travel

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Or how to obtain +2€/passenger


From the traveler perspective, the travel experience starts from home and ends back home. Stress starts with distance and trafic to reach the airport. And if people are irritated upon arrival, queueing will increase tensions.

Now imagine the revenue opportunities if Airport services include a full door to door experience.

You may think « impossible with millions of passengers ». The Artificial intelligence is there to enable this. We provide a white label e-concierge service to provide airport new ancillary revenues


How it works?

From the passenger perspective,

As a traveler, I upload my existing booking confirmations into the airport app.

I receive from the airport a personal reminder about adapted Parking Facilities (according to length of travel), fast track, order & collect facilities (catering and retail), bookable events and deals at destination.

I feel assisted :

  • 30 hours prior my departing time, my personal assistant notifies me
    • (…) « Do you have your boarding Pass? »
    • (…) « Do you want me to pre-order a transfer ? I advise you to leave at .. »


  • 2,5 hours prior my departing time,
    • (…) « Time to move to the airport, are you on the way ? »
    • (…) « Flight is estimated on Time »


On my way to the airport, I looked at the today deals already sorted to my tastes.

  • On arrival I know where to deposit my luggage
    • (…) « Queue at Security is 20 minutes, this will increase in 15 minutes, go now »
    • (…) « your gate is 7 minutes away, do you want in the meantime to eat&drink see deals  use lounge ?
    • During flight, I checked about local activities, entertainments, visits, best restaurants and saved into my wishlist to book later. I get rewards, additional discounts and better

I don’t miss anything, app tracks wishlisted vicinity and notifies me.



From the airport perspective,

  • seamless travel means new revenues for the airport
  • artificial intelligence analyses booking uploads and sends automated notifications
  • passenger are lead at the airport and receive deals by affinity optimizing conversions
  • booking generate commissions on all routes (cities connected)
  • predictive recommendations enables airport to push new destinations deals (flight, hotel, local activity, show, restaurants) on a more regular and automated basis
  • app is compliant with RGPD
  • unique, no other airport provides such passenger support

Ask for a presentation

How do we achieve this ?

The app is 100% customizable, design, UX and edited under airport Editor account on Apple and Google Stores.

The Content management system offers

  • an automated dataprocessing liaising airport information system, destination information agregation,
  • a manual CMS for notifications and late minute informations, deals..
  • drive to store tool with multiple retail information systems synchronization
  • deals optimization according to each user (A.I.)
  • metrics

The app offers

  • chatbot
  • scenarios liaised with uploaded bookings
  • rich content about all your destinations
  • inspirational tool flights & hotels promotions onrolling 6 next weekends
  • Loyalty program sync with airport CRM



Booking Revenues at Destinations are shared between Airport and Do Tours

No fee apply on airport activities


Receive a Full information : contact us at, 0033 4 92 97 97 76


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Datas Protection

All passenger datas belong to airport only for its sole use

All metrics are anonymised unless user creates his profile. Datas are collected and sent to airport CRM to enrich behavioral datas as well as Loyalty rewards when existing

User can from the app check the registered informations, can modify them accordingly or ask airport to remove him from database after scratching the app.


Property and Rights

All monument contents and bookable activities are provided by Do Tours in 11 languages – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, English, Spanish, French, italian, Portuguese, German , Dutch, as a turnkey solution with offline version.


Airport can wether buy

  • a license fee for app and M2M data processing
  • the existing algorithm or new developed algorithm for their own use
  • a dedicated API with on demand services

In case of full acquisition for own use airport owns the total commissions (no revenue share)


This existing solution is leaded and agregated by Do Tours as a unique interlocutor and powered together with a few innovative companies

Do Tours features a white Label app totally designed according to airport wishes graphic, UX, features, passenger info being dispatched in machine to machine from various sources and API

  • LocusLab for Indoor mapping
  • GetGrab for Clic and Collect solution
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