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Welcome in the Monument tracker world Guidea FAQ. Here are listed the users most frequently asked questions. May you not find an answer, please contact us on social networks or by email on the contact page, our teams will be happy to support you.

FAQ Questions

I cannot download the content – FAQ

When you download the application, make sure that:

  • network is regular and offers 3 bars at least,  ideally use wifi
  • memory of the smartphone / tablet is sufficient : offline content requires 50 to 150MB of space. After use, you can erase the offline datas while keeping the app.
  • you have accepted geolocation (pop up at startup) : this allows to get the push of monuments, circuits and augmented reality based on your GPS coordinates
  • the device’s requirements match : iPhone 4S minimum, iOS 9 minimum and smartphones android 4.1.2 of less than 2 years. Some features like augmented reality require iOS 9 minimum

If the application doesn’t contain datas or crashes at startup, it is mainly due to an irregular flow at the time of download. You must then remove and reinstall (you won’t pay) making sure to have a good internet connection or wifi
If you travel abroad, consider downloading the offline version to

  1. avoid the additional costs on your package
  2. enjoy a smoother navigation.

All data is imported into your device (smartphone or tablet) and no longer requires internet connection. (Remember to cut data abroad to avoid unpleasant surprises). If your question is not replied in this FAQ, feel free to contact us.

What is the “Around me” button for ? – FAQ

  • No longer miss out on monuments without seeing them walking nearby
  • To alert you during your walk without imposing a particular itinerary
  • Activate and deactivate the function by pressing the button
  • The displayed distance is between the entrance of the building and your position
  • A tip: consider turning off around me when you pause : it saves your battery. Continually activated geolocation depletes your battery after 6 hours.
    No internet consumption: the application uses your GPS position to display the monuments around you. This one does not cause any cost of telephone consumption.

Functioning issues

  • headset: make sure you have removed the silent mode and check the sound level, the function automatically reads the texts displayed in the monument file
  • 360 °: this function requires internet and allows you to visualize the facade or the interior of the main remarkable sites of a city. The 360 ​​function appears in green when a content exist, otherwise icon is gray.
  • Itinerary: if you have downloaded the offline version, this function doesn’t require any internet connection and calculates according to your position the best route by walk or by car (according to activated icon on the map, walk by default )
  • Sharing : You must be connected to  be able to share. Your actions are not saved.
  • Booking : You must be connected to check real time availability and make a reservation.
  • My list : to unselect a point of interest just click on it again. It then disappears from “my list”
  • Seen : It indicates you have seen this point of interest. It appears in your profile as a visited place and disappears from the to see list .

If your problem is not solved in this FAQ, feel free to contact us.

Foreign languages – FAQ

  • The Guidea mobile application is translated in several languages
  • The language is automatically configured according to your device
  • if you want to change the language, you have to go to Settings / General / International / Languages and change the language. This change will then seek the language automatically if it is informed by the tourist office. You will have to close the app and re-open it to refresh the written contents
  • how to know  which languages ? by going to apple store or google play, if the page is filled in the desired language, then the texts are translated

Treasure hunt function – FAQ

  • your screen goes into camera mode, turn around slowly and you will see arrows indicating the point where you go and a window with the monument in visual to join
  • the questions are activated only when you arrive at the point indicated by the arrows. Choose the answer (it is located on site on a stele, a plaque, an inscription). At the right answer, you are enabled to continue the treasure hunt and the arrows show you the new point to join
  • At the end of the X resolved clues, the treasure hunt is over. It lasts approximately 1h15 (without extended stops)
  • To help you, the monument sheets contain the answers (in the Search button of the free-walk menu bar)

Quiz – FAQ

  • The quiz challenges you and tests your knowledge. Up to 2000 questions in different cities are available
  • You have to choose between 3 different answers (MCQ)
  • If you exceed 70% of correct answers, you will be invited by the city to join the community of ambassadors of the city on facebook
    The quiz administered by the tourist office can change regularly with new questions

Video Tutorial – FAQ

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