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The GDPR Law

On 25 May 2018, the European regulation imposes on the protection of personal data the application of a law whose acronym is RGPD – or GDPR in English – in the 27 countries of the EU, in order to protect citizens and impose to those who collect or exchange personal data more responsibilities. Any company or administration in violation will suffer penalties up to 4% of their annual turnover (or their operating costs).

The RGPD provides for the protection of citizens’ data with 8 rights:

1. To be informed
2. Right of access
3. Right of rectification
4. Right to be forgotten
5. Right of restriction
6. Right to use datas
7. Right of opposition
8. Automated individual decision-making right

For this, companies and local authorities are committed to respecting the following principles

1. Transparency
2. Restriction of use
3. Minimization of use
4. Fair and regularly updated data
5. Retention of limited information over time

within the iteration offered to Internet users and mobile users within the public communication deployed. This new constraint presents the opportunity to overhaul its digital strategy or digital transformation for a more sustainable and empathic dialogue with users.

Faced with the RGPD legal requirement for effective data protection in May 2018 for organizations such as yours, companies and communities, Do Tours offers a new service called tRip for GDPR (tRip for tourism Reliable Information Processing) for:

• make reliable
• enrich
• and bring in compliance
for you the tourist data of all your communes

We are now able to offer you through a simple, flexible, monthlyized lease of services:

• An extension of your IS in a privatized, efficient, scalable, secure cloud infrastructure
• Complete management of the entire life cycle of your culture and leisure contents
• Quality improvement and permanent enrichment of your data
• Complete RGPD compliance on all your treatments
• Providing your information through multiple channels for wide-scale dissemination, as well as for your own needs
• Traceability and end-to-end monitoring

This SLA called tRip allows you to transfer the responsibility to a trusted third party who has already implemented the policy of RGPD for his own use.


Call us for details of this service at +33 4 92 97 97 76

Do Tours offers 3 tools

tRip for aggregation and data enrichment for communities and their opendata and compliance obligations in RGPD
Guidea, a mobile application with artificial intelligence that analyzes the tastes of mobile users in real time and presents among 150,000 points of interest translated into 11 languages relevant activities for the mobile user (white label solution for tourism professionals) )
Beaconby, a notification tool without a mobile application that allows each POI to animate its place (shop, museum, restaurant, massages, etc.), for smart cities and connected buildings