Museo nacional de bellas artes (the building)

History of Museo nacional de bellas artes (the building) at Santiago

It was built by the Franco-Chilean architect Emile Jéquier in collaboration with Mauricio Aubert and Enrique Grossín, to house the Museum of Fine Arts which settled there in 1910. The building is neoclassical with details Ornamental art nouveau; Its façade is inspired by that of the Petit Palais in Paris. The center of the facade is imposing with its columns, dome and bas-relief, allegory of the Fine Arts, realized by Guillermo Córdova. The frieze is made of medallions of ceramic mosaics, representing painters, architects and important sculptors. In front of the building is a replica of a sculpture by Rebecca Matte: "United in Glory and Death" representing Icarus and Daedalus. The central hall is a very fashionable space in the 19th century. : It is surmounted by a huge canopy that makes the interior very bright. The decorations of the hall are concentrated on the first floor: caryatids, sculptures, niches, arches. This hall allows access to the museum rooms.

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Location of Museo nacional de bellas artes (the building)