History of Ludwigsbrücke at Munich

The history of this bridge corresponds to that of the early days of Munich: in 1158 Duke Heinrich der Löwe destroyed a bridge over the Isar which brought back a lot of money to the bishop of Freysing by tolls. He had the Ludwigsbrücke built at the place where Benedictine monks had settled; He gave them permission to levy tolls and thus a place was born where trade, especially that of salt, was to develop, and which became München, of "Mönch" (monk). The bridge was often rebuilt due to floods; There was a guard post at one end (1493), and then a tower (1519) was built to defend the bridge. The island over which the bridge passes was not formed until around 1700. It was not until 1759 and 1764 that Ignaz Gunetzrhainer built a stone bridge. The current concrete bridge dates from 1935.

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Location of Ludwigsbrücke