History of Michaelerplatz at Vienna

(Place Saint Michel) This square was designed in 1725 by Joseph Fischer von Erlach, but only made between 1889 and 1893 by Ferdinand Kirschner, after the destruction of the old Burgtheater, which had been created under Maria Theresa. It was necessary to dig 16 meters deep to sit the foundations of the north wing of the Hofburg! But the effect is truly harmonious, in spite of the importance of this wing: the cupolas lighten an assembly which could have been heavy, and the eardrums of the windows of one of the floors break the monotony of the whole. The square is surrounded by important buildings: the neo-Baroque Heberstein palace (No. 2), the Saint Michael church, the large (n ° 4) and the small (n ° 6) Michaelerhaus, built around 1730, and House of the 20th century. Of the architect Adolf Loos (n ° 3). In the center of the square the Roman remains of a villa of the 2nd century. Have been highlighted.

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Location of Michaelerplatz