Cathedral of our lady of kazan

History of Cathedral of our lady of kazan at Saint-petersburg

This Orthodox Cathedral was commissioned by Paul I in 1801, just before his death, to the architect Andrei Vorokhinin; He built it between 1801 and 1810 in the neo-classical style. The 96 columns in semicircles, in 4 rows, in front of the church, and the high cupola of 80 m, are obviously inspired by Saint Peter of Rome. The other entrance has the form of the pronaos of a Greek temple, with columns and pediment. But the nave of the church is perpendicular to the axis formed by these two entrances. The main bronze door was made by Vassili Ekimov, on the model of the door of the Baptistery of Florence, and the corresponding facade is embellished by 4 statues of saints. The interior is quite simple and only the beautiful high pink granite columns, with their bronze capitals, give the church a stamp. An icon considered miraculous is preserved in the church. After being the museum of atheism under the communists, the cathedral was returned to the cult in 2001. It contains the tomb of Marshal Koutouzov conqueror of Napoleon and in the square is its statue as well as that of its companion in arms Barclay de Tolli.

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Location of Cathedral of our lady of kazan