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Top 10 places in Hong kong

Our app features the history of 50 monuments and great sites including places to discover Hong kong. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Hong kong

Visit Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak

It is the highest mountain on the island of Hong Kong (552 m); It offers a magnificent view of Central, Victoria Harbor, Lamma Island and more generally on all the surrounding islands, Kowloon and the new territories. Part of the summit is inaccessible because it is a radio telecommunications... Read more

Visit Victoria Harbor

Victoria Harbor

The existence of this natural harbor protected by Hong Kong Island and Kowloon was the main reason for England's desire to settle in Hong Kong at the cost of two "opium wars" Against China. From there, they could safely import illegally, then legally opium in China, after the defeat of this... Read more

Visit Nathan Road

Nathan Road

This 3.6 km long street was the first street built in Kowloon by the English. It is a straight street that has developed little by little. Starting from Salisbury Road, you first pass by the very luxurious Peninsula Hotel, which contrasts with the neighboring Chungking Mansions, a huge, dilapidated... Read more

Visit The Financial Center

The Financial Center

Jardine House is a 178-meter-high office tower that was the tallest building in Hong Kong in 1972, when it was built; It has 52 floors that were built in 16 months. Its originality lies in the uniformity of its 4 faces with regularly spaced round windows and its roof in the form of a truncated... Read more

Visit Bank of China Tower

Bank of China Tower

This original skyscraper built in 1989 on the plans of IMPei reaches a height of 315 m. It consists of a juxtaposition of 4 straight prisms terminated by pyramids. It is distinguished from other skyscrapers not its shape and also by its white edges that stand out clearly from the facade.... Read more

Visit The HSBC Tower

The HSBC Tower

It was built on the plans of Norman Foster; It is 180 m high with 47 floors. In 1985, it cost 1 billion US dollars, the most expensive building in the world at the time! It consists of 5 prefabricated steel modules in Glasgow and transported to Hong Kong; The glass and aluminum coating comes from... Read more

Visit Central Government Complex

Central Government Complex

This building, completed in 2011, brings together all the offices of the central government of Hong Kong, which were up until then in separate buildings, sometimes separated from one another. It is evident that its architecture is inspired by the Ark of Defense, Paris, characterized by the central... Read more

Visit Central Plaza

Central Plaza

This skyscraper has a height of 374 m, with its antenna, but reaches only 309 m without this antenna; It contains 78 floors and dates from 1992. It has been designed triangular in shape so that more offices have a view of the sea. The tops of the triangle have been truncated to avoid unnecessary... Read more

Visit The Peak Tower

The Peak Tower

Placed at a height of 396 m, it is the current terminus of the funicular; The Peak Tower hosts a shopping center and a wax museum. The funicular had been built under the impulse of the owner of a hotel of the Peak with great difficulties, for there were no roads and all had to be transported on... Read more

Visit Lugard Road

Lugard Road

Starting from Victoria Gap, this narrow 2.5 km long semi-circular road, surrounded by often tropical trees, offers a spectacular panorama at an almost constant height of 400 m. It was built from 1913 and until 1921. Only a few authorized vehicles can borrow it. There are rare houses along this... Read more

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