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Top 10 places in Seoul

Our app features the history of 40 monuments and great sites including places to discover Seoul. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Seoul

Visit Gyeongbokgung


This palace (palace of the resplendent happiness) was built in 1394 by king Taejo, first king Joseon, then enlarged under the kings Taejong and Sejong the Great. It was destroyed by the Japanese between 1591 and 1598 and abandoned for 250 years. Rebuilt in 1868, there were up to 300 buildings that... Read more

Visit Changdeokgung


The Palace of Prosperity was the second of the five palaces erected by the Joseon dynasty; It was built between 1405 and 1412 during the reign of Taejong son of Taejo. It was completely destroyed during the Japanese invasion of 1592 and rebuilt in 1609 by the kings Sonjo and Kwanghaegun.... Read more

Visit Changgyeonggung


There were already palaces of less importance there since 1104. It was in 1484 that King Sejong the Great built a large palace for his father Taejong, who had abdicated in 1418 in his favor: a king and his father Could not live in the same palace. King Seongjong enlarged it in 1484 to welcome the... Read more

Visit Deoksugun


The palace first belonged to Prince Wolsan (1454, 1488), son of King Sejo, dismissed from power for the benefit of his elder brother Yejong (1469-1494). During the Japanese invasion (1591-1598), the other palaces having been destroyed, King Seonjo took refuge there. It was occupied until 1618, then... Read more

Visit Gyeonghuigung


This palace was built around 1600 for King Gwanghaegun as a secondary palace. A dozen kings temporarily stayed there, from King Injo (1595-1649) to King Cheoljong (1831-1863): they enjoyed this beautifully landscaped palace, surrounded by mountains, and built respecting the declivity of the terrain.... Read more

Visit Lotte World Tower

Lotte World Tower

The construction of this 555 m high tower is being completed; At the end of 2015, the 123rd and last floor was set up. It is the highest skyscraper in Korea; Its construction began in 2010. It is located in front of the Lotte World Complex, a huge amusement park built in 1989. The tower has the... Read more

Visit National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum

This museum, which owns and exhibits nearly 40,000 objects, is centered on the life of the kings of the Joseon dynasty and that of the court. It presents the architecture of the palaces, their furniture, the clothes of sovereigns, their daily life, the education of the princes with its protocol,... Read more

Visit Bukchon


This area has been restored to show what a village was 600 years ago, during the reign of the Joseon. It contains a large number of traditional hanocks, lining a network of winding narrow streets, between the Gyeonbok palaces and Changdeok, and the royal sanctuary of Jongmyo. This was where the... Read more

Visit The Huwon Gardens

The Huwon Gardens

Located behind the palace, the Huwon gardens with an area of ??32 ha, were arranged for the king's family and for the women of the palace. It is a beautiful, typically Korean garden, with a lotus pond, and other water features, bridges built in harmony with nature, landscape trails, pavilions,... Read more

Visit The Jongmyo Sanctuary

The Jongmyo Sanctuary

It is a Confucian sanctuary built in 1395 by order of King Taejo, to preserve the tablets of the kings of his dynasty. A tablet is a calligraphy panel used to mark the presence of a divinity, or in this case the soul of a king. At first there were seven plays, each for a king and his queen.... Read more

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