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Our app features the history of 51 monuments and great sites including places to discover Singapore. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Singapore

Visit Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

This immense hotel complex was built in 2010 on the plans of Moshe Safdie: it consists of 3 hotels with 55 floors totaling 2560 rooms. It is made up of 6 disjointed elements and is surmounted by a gigantic terrace of one hectare, which covers the 3 hotels and even exceeds them. This terrace is... Read more

Visit Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

This huge 165m high Wheel was opened to the public in 2008. It makes a complete tour in 30 minutes, which largely allows to see the city of different heights and take pictures. It has 28 cabins with air conditioning, which can each contain 28 people; They are designed so that the view is never... Read more

Visit Brief History of Singapore

Brief History of Singapore

Little is known about the history of this island until the 14th century. It was more or less attached to the Javanese kingdom of Majapahit, and its essential activity was commerce. At the end of the fourteenth century, an Indonesian prince in exile settled in, and having seen a lion (in reality, it... Read more

Visit Masjid Sultan

Masjid Sultan

The construction of a large mosque in 1824 was part of the agreement between the British West India Company and Sultan Hussein Shah, which financed it. In 1928 it was replaced by a new mosque built on the plans of the Irish architect Denis Santry of the architectural firm of Singapore Swan and... Read more

Visit Thian Hock Keng Temple

Thian Hock Keng Temple

It is the oldest and most important temple in the Chinese community of Singapore from Fujian, a province in south-eastern China; It dates from 1839. The main temple is a Taoist temple dedicated to Mazu, goddess of the sea and protector of sailors. The roofs are decorated with beautiful green tiles... Read more

Visit Sri Mariamman Temple

Sri Mariamman Temple

This temple founded in 1827, rebuilt in 1847, then in 1925, is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. It is of Dravidian style and is characterized by an entrance tower surmounted by a richly ornamented pyramid, the gopuram. This decoration is astonishing by the multitude of its characters and by... Read more

Visit Raffles City

Raffles City

This large property complex was built on IMPei's plans between 1980 and 1986. It houses two hotels, the 73-story "Stamford", in the round tower, the 26-story "Fairmont Singapore", and an office tower . The base is reserved for a large shopping center and a convention center.... Read more

Visit Old Parliament House

Old Parliament House

This Neo-Palladian building was built in 1827 for a Scottish merchant who lived in Java on the plans of GDColeman. But he never lived there, for the rulers of Singapore asked him to rent the building to them, where they first installed a court of justice and government offices, and then, from 1839,... Read more

Visit National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore

This recent museum (2015) is housed in two old administrative buildings: the Supreme Court and the Town Hall. The museum aims to research, exhibit and promote the art of Southeast Asia. It is a place of expression and exchange for artists, which aims to reach the level of an international museum.... Read more

Visit Esplanade Park

Esplanade Park

This park was built in 1943 on land torn from the sea; It was remodeled in 1991. It includes a pleasant promenade along the sea, the Queen Elisabeth Promenade, and several monuments including the Lim Bo Seng memorial dedicated to a World War II hero who created a resistance force against The... Read more

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