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Visiter Old City

Old City


To the north of the city, the village Saint Sauveur occupies the site of the ancient Roman city. It extends from the...

Visiter Atelier Cézanne

Atelier Cézanne


More than a museum, the Atelier des Lauves, built in 1901 by Cézanne, is a true place of memory, marked by the...

Visiter Saint-Sauveur Cathedral and its cloister

Saint-Sauveur Cathedral and its cloister


Built on the site of a Roman monument, the cathedral underwent many transformations between the 5th and the 18th...

Visiter Hotels in Caumont

Hotels in Caumont


The Hotel de Caumont was built from 1715 to 1742 under the direction of Georges Vallon for the Marquis de Cabannes,...

Visiter City Hall of Aix en Provence

City Hall of Aix en Provence


The first town hall of Aix en Provence was located on the Place de l'Annonerie-Vieille. In the fourteenth century,...

Visiter Memorial of the Milles

Memorial of the Milles


Unique French camp for both internment, transit and deportation. A major European memory site that retains traces of...

Visiter The Granet Museum

The Granet Museum


One of the most beautiful regional museums in France. After the success of the exhibition "Picasso Cézanne", come and...

Visiter Pavillon de Vendôme

Pavillon de Vendôme


Constructed between 1665 and 1668 for the governor of Provence, Louis de Vendôme to shelter his secret loves with the...

Visiter Cours Mirabeau

Cours Mirabeau


The Cours Mirabeau, 440 meters long and 42 meters wide, is the link between the Mazarin neighborhood in the south and...

Visiter Clock tower

Clock tower


Gate of the military post of Sextius, then of the town Saint Sauveur, the communal tower spans the street on Roman...

Visiter Bastide of Jas de Bouffan

Bastide of Jas de Bouffan


Purchased in 1859 by Cézanne's father, the bastide of Jas de Bouffan remained the property of the family until 1899....

Visiter Careers of Bibémus

Careers of Bibémus


Situated between Aix en Provence and Vauvenargues, the ocher quarries have long provided the golden stone of many...

Visiter City of the Book

City of the Book


In 1786, the Marquis de Méjanes bequeathed a collection of 80,000 volumes to the City of Aix. Built around the rich...

Visiter The Domaine du Grand Saint-Jean

The Domaine du Grand Saint-Jean


Created on a salyen oratory and then around a chapel of the eleventh century, the Domaine du Grand Saint-Jean brings...

Visiter Church of the Madeleine

Church of the Madeleine

Church - Chapel

The former convent of the Preachers (Dominicans) settled in 1274, was completely rebuilt from 1691 to 1703....

Visiter Church of Saint John of Malta

Church of Saint John of Malta

Church - Chapel

The fortified church owes its name to the hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem. Built in the 13th century, outside the...

Visiter Vasarely Foundation

Vasarely Foundation


Having gained international fame, Victor Vasarhelyi, known as Vasarely, established in 1966 the principle of ...

Visiter Fountain of Albertas

Fountain of Albertas


It was not until the 19th century that the Place d'Albertas served as a setting for a fountain. In 1912, cracks on...

Visiter Fountain of Espeluque

Fountain of Espeluque


The oldest is the Espeluque fountain, (Espeluco, grotto in Provençal). For a long time it was the only water point in...

Visiter Fountain of the Town Hall

Fountain of the Town Hall


In 1737, Georges Vallon was appointed to restructure the city center of Aix en Provence. He built bourgeois houses to...

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