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Visiter Saint-Pierre Cathedral - The Facade

Saint-Pierre Cathedral - The Facade


The façade of the cathedral of Angouleme is particularly spectacular and interesting. The decoration of statues and...

Visiter Cathedral of Saint Peter - History

Cathedral of Saint Peter - History


The cathedral you see in front of you is the fourth high there. The first, Saint-Saturnin, was perhaps erected in the...

Visiter Museum of the Paper

Museum of the Paper


Angoulême has a very rich industrial past. Stationery in particular, held a preponderant place here. The area we are in...

Visiter Place Henri Dunant

Place Henri Dunant


On the square, on the site of the Gabriel Fauré Music Conservatory, was the Jesuit College founded in 1622....

Visiter Place New York

Place New York


In the 18th century, this place is a very popular and well-attended walk on the site of the ancient Gallo-Roman rampart...

Visiter Church and Square Saint-André

Church and Square Saint-André

Church - Chapel

Nestled in this small square in the heart of old Angoulême, the church of Saint-André is the oldest of the churches of...

Visiter Church of St. Martial

Church of St. Martial

Church - Chapel

The old Saint-Martial church, in very poor condition, was destroyed in 1849. The construction of a new church was...

Visiter Theater of Angoulême

Theater of Angoulême


An auditorium existed near the present Hotel de Ville since the 18th century. In the 19th century, many public...

Visiter Column Lady

Column Lady


At the beginning of the XIX ° century, the main access to penetrate in Angoulême by the west is the street Saint Ausone....

Visiter Place des Halles

Place des Halles


Around 1250 was built here by King Louis IX a castle affirming its power over the city opposite that of the counts of...

Visiter Place and Porte du Palet

Place and Porte du Palet


The name of this square comes from a pal, planted not far away on which were exposed, in the Middle Ages, the heads of...

Visiter Place du Minage

Place du Minage


This place derives its name from the mine, an ancient measure of cereal capacity. It is because here, since 1403, there...

Visiter Footbridge Hugo Pratt and Statue of Corto Maltese

Footbridge Hugo Pratt and Statue of Corto Maltese


This pedestrian and pedestrian bridge allows crossing the river. Located in the same location as an old footbridge that...

Visiter The tram

The tram

Historical anecdote

At the end of the 19th century, Angoulême decided to equip itself with a tramway. There are many lines running through...

Visiter Ravaillac


Historic character

François Ravaillac was born in Angoulême in 1577 or 78. His family lived in this street, the Rue des Arceaux....

Visiter The General Resnier de Goué

The General Resnier de Goué

Historic character

General Resnier de Goué was born in 1729 in Angouleme. Engaged in the army from the age of 16, he participated in...

Visiter Guez de Balzac

Guez de Balzac

Historic character

Guez de Balzac is a French writer born in Angoulême on May 31, 1597 and died in Angoulême on February 8, 1654....

Visiter The Circuit des Remparts

The Circuit des Remparts


The circuit of the ramparts is a demonstration around the old cars which takes place in Angouleme every year, at the...

Visiter The International Comic Strip Festival - FIBD

The International Comic Strip Festival - FIBD


The festival of the cartoon of Angoulême was born from the will of some enthusiasts of comic strips. The first edition...

Visiter Square Kennedy

Square Kennedy

Park - garden

The garden near the town hall is called the Kennedy Square, but it is commonly known as the Garden of the Town Hall by...

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