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Visiter Amphitheater of Arles UNESCO

Amphitheater of Arles UNESCO


The amphitheater is the most important Roman monument of the ancient Roman colony which we are allowed to admire, some...

Visiter Cloister Saint-Trophime UNESCO

Cloister Saint-Trophime UNESCO


PRACTICALAddress: Place Republic 13200 ArlesFor details relating to schedules and fees: Tel. 00 33 4 90 49 36...

Visiter Cryptoportics UNESCO

Cryptoportics UNESCO


Date: The end of the 1st century BC The cryptoportics form the base, the invisible part of the forum, the central...

Visiter Space Van Gogh

Space Van Gogh


Date: 1573; Built in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the vast quadrilateral of the Hôtel-Dieu fits in a doub...

Visiter The UNESCO Alyscamps

The UNESCO Alyscamps


PRACTICALAddress: Avenue des AlyscampsOpening hours: for details relating to schedules and fees - Tel.: 00 33 4 90 49...

Visiter Museum of Arles Antique

Museum of Arles Antique


Date: 1995 Also named Institute of Research on Ancient Provence (IRPA) Opened in 1995, the Museum of Ancient Arles and...

Visiter Musee Réattu

Musee Réattu


Formerly Grand Priory of the Order of Malta. The Grand Priory was originally formed by two contiguous commandies, each...

Visiter Ancient Theater of Arles UNESCO

Ancient Theater of Arles UNESCO


Date: End of 1st century B.C.Sometimes referred to as the Roman theatre.Preceding its famous neighbour the amphitheatre...

Visiter Thermal Baths of Constantine UNESCO

Thermal Baths of Constantine UNESCO


Date: 4th centuryFormerly called the Trouille Baths.A characteristic expression of Roman civilization, the baths were...

Visiter Place du Forum

Place du Forum


This Place, in the heart of town, has always symbolised meetings and exchanges. In Antiquity the square was next to...

Visiter Abbey of Montmajour

Abbey of Montmajour

Religious building

The abbey was built in the 12th-17th centuries. From the Latin "major" (largest), the island of Montmajour,...

Visiter archbishopric


Religious building

The western façade is visible from the outside. The gate is open during the day, allowing free access to the courtyard...

Visiter Ateliers SNCF

Ateliers SNCF

Urban heritage

What is the relationship between a leper colony of medieval origin and a higher school teaching digital techniques of...

Visiter La Capelière Nature Interpretation Center

La Capelière Nature Interpretation Center


Situated on the banks of the Vaccarès, La Capelière, administrative center of the Camargue Reserve, was opened in 1979...

Visiter Church of the Carmelites (Chapel of charity)

Church of the Carmelites (Chapel of charity)

Church - Chapel

The Carmelites have been present in Arles for several centuries. However, the vicissitudes of history, have repeatedly...

Visiter Chapel of the Trinitarians

Chapel of the Trinitarians

Church - Chapel

The chapel was built in 1630. The nave of the late Gothic church has a five-sided apse. The edifice is surrounded by ...

Visiter Chapel of Saint-Martin du Méjan

Chapel of Saint-Martin du Méjan

Church - Chapel

A Saint-Martin church is present from the birth of the medieval district of Mejan, between those of the Cité and the...

Visiter Roman circus of Arles

Roman circus of Arles

Other Roman monuments

Built in 149. The largest Roman monument, the circus, could only find its place outside the city....

Visiter The Domaine de Méjanes

The Domaine de Méjanes


Guided tour for individual clients. Located on the outskirts of Vaccarès between Arles and the Stes Maries de la Mer....

Visiter Church of the Dominicans

Church of the Dominicans

Church - Chapel

Also known as the Church of the Friars Preachers Date: 1484 Of southern Gothic style, the church is single-aisled and...

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