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Visiter Saint John the Baptist Church

Saint John the Baptist Church


The church of Saint John the Baptist, the largest of Corsica, was built between 1636 and 1666. The bell towers on the...

Visiter Bastia Museum - Palace of the Genovese Governors

Bastia Museum - Palace of the Genovese Governors


Prestigiously established in the former Palace of the Genovese Governors, this major Museum of the History of the city...

Visiter Saint Roch Oratory

Saint Roch Oratory


Established in 1604, the oratory possesses a remarkable interior decoration dedicated to the glory of Saint Roch and...

Visiter Saint Cross Oratory

Saint Cross Oratory


The brotherhood of the Saint-cross established at the beginning of the 15th century erected a modest oratory in 1542 on...

Visiter Saint-Nicolas? Square

Saint-Nicolas? Square


The St Nicholas' square, with its 280 meters of length by 80 meters of width, comprises 22 400 square meters,...

Visiter Donjeon?s Square

Donjeon?s Square


The square of the Dongeon is surrounded with buildings, which are of fundamental importance to the history of Bastia:...

Visiter Old Harbour

Old Harbour


The old harbour has kept all of its authenticity. It takes you on a journey, narrating its rich history to the vistors...

Visiter Furiani?s Tower

Furiani?s Tower


In the Middle Ages Furiani used to be a seigneural stronghold. The tower is all that remains of the old castle....

Visiter The Citadel

The Citadel


The initial fortress "Bastiglia" gave its name to the city. It was built from 1380 by the Genovese governor Leonello...

Visiter Paoli Boulevard

Paoli Boulevard


The PAOLI boulevard, formerly named " the Traverse (Crossbar) ", is the main artery of Bastia. It is the fruit of ...

Visiter Saint Marie Cathedral

Saint Marie Cathedral


Dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin, the cathedral was built from 1604 until 1619. It shelters an extraordinary...

Visiter Scala Santa Chapel

Scala Santa Chapel

Church - Chapel

Nested in the country side of Bastia and accessible by 20 minutes walk from the city centre, the oratory of Monserato...

Visiter Simon Vinciguerra High-school

Simon Vinciguerra High-school

Middle School

Today modern facades shelter this oldest school of the city, established in 1635 by the Jesuits, who provided secondary...

Visiter Former Clarisses' Couvent

Former Clarisses' Couvent

Religious building

Established in 1600, the convent welcomed about sixty nuns belonging to the best families of the island, who dedicated...

Visiter Former Jesuits' Couvent

Former Jesuits' Couvent

Religious building

Established in 1600, the convent welcomed about sixty nuns belonging to the best families of the island, who dedicated...

Visiter Saint Antoine Couvent

Saint Antoine Couvent

Religious building

District of Saint Antoine: Dating back to the 16th century, the church of this Capuchin convent possesses a major altar...

Visiter Saint Charles Church

Saint Charles Church

Church - Chapel

This beautiful baroque building possesses the extremely rare (maybe even unique) feature to not grant the right of...

Visiter City Hall

City Hall


The head office of the municipal administration has moved several times over the centuries. Throughout the Genovese...

Visiter Bandstand



In 1908, the bandstand was inaugurated in the centre of the square. The specialized enterprise Guillot-Pelletier of...

Visiter War Memorial

War Memorial


Since the war of 1870 was fatal for Corsica, the City Council suggested in 1895 to create a war memorial to honour the...

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