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Our app features the history of 124 monuments and great sites including places to discover Bastia. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Bastia

Visit Saint John the Baptist Church

Saint John the Baptist Church

The church of Saint John the Baptist, the largest of Corsica, was built between 1636 and 1666. The bell towers on the facade were added later in the 19th century. The inside of the sanctuary is decorated with numerous works of art, of which we shall retain the silver tabernacle of the high altar,... Read more

Bastia Museum - Palace of the Genovese Governors

Prestigiously established in the former Palace of the Genovese Governors, this major Museum of the History of the city of Bastia presents many rich collections. During the visit, the public discovers paintings representing the city or evoking the magnificence of its setting, as well as those... Read more

Saint Roch Oratory

Established in 1604, the oratory possesses a remarkable interior decoration dedicated to the glory of Saint Roch and Saint Sebastian, which are both invoked during epidemics of plague. Do not miss the organ in walnut, sculptured and gilded in 1750, nor saint Roch's magnificent procession statue... Read more

Saint Cross Oratory

The brotherhood of the Saint-cross established at the beginning of the 15th century erected a modest oratory in 1542 on a lot belonging to the Roman basilica of Saint-Jean-de-Latran, with which it is spiritually connected. Nested in the twilight of one of the side chapels of the oratory, the highly... Read more

Saint-Nicolas? Square

The St Nicholas' square, with its 280 meters of length by 80 meters of width, comprises 22 400 square meters, almost equivalent to twice the size of St Mark's Square of Venice. Its name stems from a small chapel dedicated to this saint, which was built in the medieval period next to a Pisan... Read more

Donjeon?s Square

The square of the Dongeon is surrounded with buildings, which are of fundamental importance to the history of Bastia: the palace of the Governors, the detached house of the Noble Twelve and the Casetta. During Genovese period, this esplanade was called piazza di Corte ("square of the Court").... Read more

Old Harbour

The old harbour has kept all of its authenticity. It takes you on a journey, narrating its rich history to the vistors settled at the terraces of restaurants or cafés. At the time, Genovese fleets or imperial and royal ships landed on these secular piers. Only the bell towers of the church of Holy... Read more

Furiani?s Tower

In the Middle Ages Furiani used to be a seigneural stronghold. The tower is all that remains of the old castle. It was entirely rebuilt by Pascal Paoli after 1763, hence its name "Tower Paoline". The Furiani tower and the tower of Nonza are the only two square towers built under Pascal Paoli.... Read more

The Citadel

The initial fortress "Bastiglia" gave its name to the city. It was built from 1380 by the Genovese governor Leonello Lomellini, who established himself in Biguglia, not far from there. Note that in 1378, the Republic of Genoa, at the time militarily and financially weakened, entrusted "Maona" (... Read more

Paoli Boulevard

The PAOLI boulevard, formerly named " the Traverse (Crossbar) ", is the main artery of Bastia. It is the fruit of a town-planning scheme decided in 1831. At the time the intention was to create a route connecting comfortably the upper part of town with the lower part. A distinctive trait of... Read more

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