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Visiter Fontaine Place aux Aires

Fontaine Place aux Aires


Wheat threshing grounds were established there in the Middle Ages, presumably against the ramparts that protected the...

Visiter Chapel of the Oratory

Chapel of the Oratory


The street is also called long rue Saint Honorat in tribute to its founder. The current building was built in 1632 for...

Visiter Factory Chiris

Factory Chiris


The company Chiris, historical leader of Grasse perfume, built in the 1860s one of the first real factories of Grasse....

Visiter International Perfume Museum (miP)

International Perfume Museum (miP)


Created in 1989 and renovated in 2008, the International Perfume Museum (miP) is naturally located in Grasse, cradle of...

Visiter Museum of Art and History of Provence

Museum of Art and History of Provence


Located in one of the most elegant mansions of the 18th century, the former hotel of the Marquise de Clapiers-Cabris,...

Visiter Museum of Costume and Provençal Jewel

Museum of Costume and Provençal Jewel


Enter the second home of the Marquise de Cabris, mother of the Marquis de Clapiers-Cabris and husband of the sister of...

Visiter Fragonard Villa-Museum

Fragonard Villa-Museum


This elegant country house from the end of the 17th century, embellished with a magnificent garden with majestic palm...

Visiter Fragonard Museum-Costa Collection

Fragonard Museum-Costa Collection


The Fragonard Museum is located in the Hotel de Villeneuve, a magnificent historic building restored in the spirit of...

Visiter Cathedral Notre-Dame du Puy (Paintings)

Cathedral Notre-Dame du Puy (Paintings)


It houses paintings by Rubens, Charles Nègre, Louis Bréa and Jean-Honoré Fragonard: • Saint Honorat, Saint Clement and...

Visiter Bubble Dreams

Bubble Dreams


A romantic night under the stars! Located at the foot of the hilltop village of Gourdon and at the beginning of the...

Visiter Monts d'Azur biological reserve

Monts d'Azur biological reserve


The Monts d'Azur wildlife reserve is a natural area of ??700 hectares, entirely dedicated to wildlife, located in...

Visiter The cabins of the moulière

The cabins of the moulière


Need to escape or take a break? Come spend a night, a weekend or an unforgettable stay in the cabins of La Mou- lière....

Visiter Tipis camp

Tipis camp


Tipis Rentals for Individuals and Communities Come discover for a night, a weekend or for an internship, the magic...

Visiter The chapel Saint Sauveur

The chapel Saint Sauveur


Provencal chapel of the 19th century renovated and transformed into a cottage of ecological charm. An area of ??6...

Visiter Gîte Tonic

Gîte Tonic


The cottage has a capacity of 41 places. In group, family, couple, or alone, you choose the type of accommodation among...

Visiter Cathedral Notre-Dame du Puy (architecture)

Cathedral Notre-Dame du Puy (architecture)


Grasse became bishopric in 1244. The Notre-Dame du Puy cathedral was built at that time. It is located at the top of...

Visiter City Hall

City Hall

Town hall

The Town Hall occupies the former Bishop's Palace. The synodal hall (meeting place for the secular clergy) is...

Visiter Medieval house

Medieval house

Private Building

A dozen houses like this one is visible in the city. It dates from the very end of the Middle Ages. The stones treated...

Visiter Cours Fountain

Cours Fountain


The Cours is built from the 17th century outside the ramparts, facing the main entrance to the city....

Visiter St. Thomas Chapel

St. Thomas Chapel

Church - Chapel

The company of St. Ursula was founded in 1535 in Italy, by Angela Merici. The Ursulines constitute the first fema...

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