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Top 10 places in Haute bretagne ille-et-vilaine

Our app features the history of 269 monuments and great sites including places to discover Haute bretagne ille-et-vilaine. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Haute bretagne ille-et-vilaine

Visit Pointe du Grouin

Pointe du Grouin

Pointe du Grouin is the property of the department of Ille-et-Vilaine, which manages and maintains this site. On site, a semaphore watches over nautical activities during the summer. The site offers a remarkable panorama. To the east, the bay of Mont Saint Michel and the coasts of the Channel,... Read more

Visit Castle Fougeres

Castle Fougeres

The castle of Fougeres is the largest fortress in Europe. It is part of the Route des Chateaux de Haute Bretagne (see the website) and is visited from February to December.A program, a great visual spectacle: 1:30 immersion in the Middle Ages to relive this fascinating period and rich in twists and... Read more

Visit Brocéliande, the Door of Secrets

Brocéliande, the Door of Secrets

Brocéliande, the Porte des Secrets is a scenographic journey, appealing to all the senses, for 45 minutes. Accompanied by a forester, Pierre, you will discover the different riches of Brocéliande through 4 rooms with unique decor. Mixing the techniques of cinema, theater, animation combined with... Read more

Visit Rennes


Capital of Brittany, theater of the great hours of Breton and French history, Rennes is a must in Haute-Bretagne Ille-et-Vilaine. Old neighborhoods of the historic center, religious buildings, (St. Peter's Cathedral, St-Yves Chapel ..), Parliament of Brittany, Private mansions ....... Read more

Visit Palace of the Parliament of Brittany

Palace of the Parliament of Brittany

Symbol and backdrop of episodes that have marked the history of Brittany, the Palace of Parliament is a remarkable testimony of the great royal and Parisian decor of the seventeenth. Built on the plans of Salomon de Brosse, architect of the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris, he expresses in his walls... Read more

Visit The Intramural

The Intramural

The corsair city, still called Intra Muros, is as big as the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris. Mostly pedestrian during the summer season, it is visited on foot. Destroyed at 80% during the bombings of 1944, it will then be rebuilt according to its original plan with a few concessions to facilitate... Read more

Visit The Tower of the Remparts of Saint-Malo

The Tower of the Remparts of Saint-Malo

This is the walk to do when you come to Saint-Malo. At high tide and low tide, it offers the most beautiful views of the bay and the port. The first ramparts dated from the twelfth century, it subsite only the Grand'Porte (fifteenth century) and the so-called part of the Small Walls between the... Read more

Visit Village of Saint-Suliac

Village of Saint-Suliac

Thanks to the safeguarding of its heritage, this former fishing village, located on the shores of the Rance Valley, is one of the most beautiful villages in France since obtaining the label of the same name in 1999. It can be visited by strolling on foot , to discover the many curiosities such as... Read more

Visit The Coastal Route

The Coastal Route

Take the coastal road and explore the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel at your own pace against the backdrop of the amazing spectacle of the biggest tides in Europe. Discover the history of this country of terroir, gastronomy and sea through the testimonies left by the men: Dol de Bretagne, charming... Read more

Visit The Vilaine Valley

The Vilaine Valley

Welcome to the Vilaine Valley, one of the first canalized rivers in France. Do not lose sight of this watercourse, famous for its whims, it will embark on a journey through majestic landscapes, charming villages, cities with streets full of history and megalithic sites not to be missed.... Read more

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