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Visiter Old castle

Old castle


On the hill of Castéou, the castle (altitude 200m) dominates the city. A first fortress was probably built by the...

Visiter Garden of Castel Sainte-Claire

Garden of Castel Sainte-Claire


It is a terraced garden with an area of ??6,500 m² which offers remarkable views of the city, the plain and the sea....

Visiter St. Bernard Park

St. Bernard Park


Parc Saint-Bernard stretches over four hectares at the foot of the Villa Noailles to which it is historically linked....

Visiter Villa Noailles

Villa Noailles


Villa Noailles is one of the first manifestations of modern architecture in France. At the heart of the medieval walls...

Visiter St. Louis Church

St. Louis Church


Built in the 13th century, the church is originally the chapel of an important Franciscan convent, that of the...

Visiter Saint Paul Collegiate Church

Saint Paul Collegiate Church


The existence of the church of St. Paul is attested as early as 1182. In 1572, the church was erected as a collegiate...

Visiter Templar Tower or Saint Blaise Tower

Templar Tower or Saint Blaise Tower


The Saint-Blaise tower is the only witness of the Knights Templar Commandery created in the twelfth century, which had...

Visiter Porches Street

Porches Street


This street is not medieval; yet it is none other than the free space that bordered the inner face of the enclosure and...

Visiter Archaeological site of Olbia

Archaeological site of Olbia


Olbia is a fortified colony founded by Marseille around 325 BC. J.-C. in order to protect the sea route leading from...

Visiter Fort St. Agatha

Fort St. Agatha


At the top of a hill overlooking the small town and the port, the building occupies the conventional place of ...

Visiter Moulin du Bonheur

Moulin du Bonheur


Located above the village behind Fort Sainte-Agathe, the Moulin du Bonheur, the very type of the windmill of Provence,...

Visiter Strong Repentance

Strong Repentance


The construction of this work in the nineteenth century corresponds to the appearance of new pieces of guns with ...

Visiter Fort of Estissac

Fort of Estissac


In the bend of the Fort de l'Estissac, notice the kermes oaks, smaller than the oak and very thorny. Built between...

Visiter Castle Saint-Pierre or Villa Gandarillas

Castle Saint-Pierre or Villa Gandarillas


It was in 1920 that Viscount Vroomans-Leclerc, of Belgian origin, had a villa built on the hill of the castle which she...

Visiter Slab with cups

Slab with cups


Located on the eastern slope of the castle hill is this unique stone, perhaps a stone with cups dating from the...

Visiter Castel Sainte-Claire

Castel Sainte-Claire


With the villa Gandarillas, this building is one of the rare 19th century villas built inside the ramparts....

Visiter Princes' doors

Princes' doors


Neo-Gothic door probably built in the early twentieth century on the initiative of an individual. St. Clair Street It...

Visiter Passage Jules Romains

Passage Jules Romains


Quaint alley, under a beautiful Renaissance ensemble with mullioned windows. This passage is supported by a beautiful...

Visiter Michelet School

Michelet School


In 1885, the architect Edouard Angely, director of works of the city, built the school Barbacane, become Jules Michelet...

Visiter Door Barruc

Door Barruc


It was under the reign of Charles 1st of Anjou (1246-1285) that a fortified enclosure was built; it includes walls...

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