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Visiter Heating



Until 1660, the health office was located in the Saint-Jean tower. But, with the construction of the ramparts of Louis...

Visiter Corniche Kennedy

Corniche Kennedy


In 1848, a seaside road was pierced to give work to the many unemployed of the time. The road is open in two sections,...

Visiter Cours Julien

Cours Julien


The old market gardens (old halls) installed on the Cours Julien have given way to the boutiques of creators, artists...

Visiter Cours Pierre-Puget

Cours Pierre-Puget


This course was created in 1800 by the prefect Charles Delacroix and is named "Cours Bonaparte"....

Visiter Higher National School of Dance

Higher National School of Dance


The Ecole Supérieure de Danse - Ballet National de Marseille was inaugurated in 1992 under the direction of Roland...

Visiter Church of the Accoules

Church of the Accoules

Church - Chapel

Since the eleventh century there has been a small parish church dedicated to Notre-Dame des Accoules....

Visiter Church of the Carthusians

Church of the Carthusians

Church - Chapel

Very large church, part of a chartreuse (now destroyed) built between 1680 and 1702. Before being a parish church, this...

Visiter Church of Saint Ferréol - Les Augustins

Church of Saint Ferréol - Les Augustins

Church - Chapel

In 1792, the church became a constitutional parish, then a warehouse. After the signing of the Concordat, Monsignor...

Visiter Church of Saint Lawrence

Church of Saint Lawrence

Church - Chapel

The Saint-Laurent church rose stone quarries of the Crown is a Roman-Provençal style building, with three naves...

Visiter Fort Saint Nicolas

Fort Saint Nicolas


As early as 1660, the Chevalier de Clerville built Fort Saint-Nicolas on the orders of Louis XIV to keep Marseille in...

Visiter Fortin de Corbières - Monticelli Museum

Fortin de Corbières - Monticelli Museum


The Association Adolphe Monticelli is installed since 2010 in the fort of Corbières overlooking the Estaque and the...

Visiter Oven of Shuttles

Oven of Shuttles


This is the oldest bakery in Marseille located almost opposite the abbey. Since 1782, the Shuttles are no longer...

Visiter Saint Charles Train Station

Saint Charles Train Station


The station was built by the engineer Gustave Desplaces in the 19th century. After a first inauguration in 1848 for the...

Visiter Halle Puget

Halle Puget


Built in 1672 and of classic style, it is attributed to the architect Marc Puget. It is built to replace the old fish...

Visiter César's Propeller

César's Propeller


This monumental work in gilt bronze is made by the sculptor from Marseille César in 1971 in tribute to the returnees of...

Visiter Caroline Hospital

Caroline Hospital


Caroline Hospital is located on the outskirts of Île Ratonneau, which forms with the islands of If, Pomègues and...

Visiter Hotel in Cabre

Hotel in Cabre


The oldest house in Marseille, classified as a historical monument, was built around 1535, on the command of the Consul...

Visiter City Hall

City Hall

City Hall

Town House bringing together merchants and consuls from the thirteenth century, the building has the particularity of...

Visiter Hospital



The hospital of the Holy Spirit, created in the twelfth century, was enlarged to become Hotel Dieu in the 14th century....

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In 2004, the Belsunce Course, the new Regional Municipal Library (BMVR) of the Alcazar, opened on the site of the...

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