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Visiter Opera



From the old Opera House, inaugurated in 1767, only the neo-classical walls and columns of the monumental entrance...

Visiter The Canebiere

The Canebiere


The most famous artery of the city owes its name to the "Canebe", hemp in Provençal (former activity of...

Visiter The Criée

The Criée


The fish auction is active on the Old Port, from 1909 to 1975, when the fish market is transferred north of the city to...

Visiter The Great Synagogue

The Great Synagogue


It is the main synagogue of the city. Built by Salomon Nathan, its first stone was laid in 1863 and the building was...

Visiter Prefecture



The Prefecture, located from the First Empire to the Roux Hotel in Corsica (now Lycée Montgrand), became too small....

Visiter The statue of David

The statue of David


An exact replica of the sculpture made by Michelangelo between 1501 and 1505 (in Carrara marble and now preserved in...

Visiter The Old Charity

The Old Charity


General Hospital, built from 1670 by Puget, the building consists of four wings closed on the outside and opened by ...

Visiter The Old Major

The Old Major

Church - Chapel

Since the 5th century, several buildings have succeeded each other. The beautiful church of Provençal Romanesque...

Visiter The Tideographer

The Tideographer


This small building, built at the end of the 19th century, is the landmark at all altitudes and tides. It was in 1880...

Visiter The Palais des Arts

The Palais des Arts

Cultural space

The building was built by Henry Espérandieu between 1864 and 1874 to house the School of Fine Arts, the library and the...

Visiter The Silo

The Silo


Located on the estate of the Grand Port Maritime in Marseille, the Silo d'Arenc was awarded the "...

Visiter Archives and Library

Archives and Library


The departmental archives were a few years ago located in the 6th arrondissement of the city. It is only since June...

Visiter The Docks of the Joliette

The Docks of the Joliette


This district dates from the beginning of XIXème century, an era marked in Marseilles by a strong economic growth and...

Visiter The Goudes

The Goudes


Located at the gateway to the Calanques, this area has retained the charm and ambiance of a fishing village....

Visiter House Diamantée

House Diamantée


Built in 1570 for Pierre Gardiolle, a rich merchant, enriched by the trade of the Levant, the Diamantée House is...

Visiter War Memorial of the Far East

War Memorial of the Far East


In November 1921, the French government gave permission to erect in Marseille a national monument to the Poilus d'...

Visiter Palace of Justice

Palace of Justice


This classic building was built between 1856 and 1862 by the architect Auguste Martin on grounds formerly belonging to...

Visiter Prado Seaside Park

Prado Seaside Park


Despite its 57km of coastline, Marseille did not have any real beaches. In 1975, the creation of the Prado seaside park...

Visiter Parc Chanot - Exhibition Center

Parc Chanot - Exhibition Center


First used by the army as a field of maneuvers, the site hosts the colonial exhibitions of Marseille in 1906 and 1922,...

Visiter Park of the 26th Centenary

Park of the 26th Centenary


The urban park inaugurated in June 2001 is located on the site of the former Prado railway station. It is introduced by...

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