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Visiter Pavillon Daviel

Pavillon Daviel


Formerly the Palais de Justice of Marseille, the building was built in the middle of the 18th century by the brothers...

Visiter Place Castellane

Place Castellane


The Place, which owes its name to the Marquis de Castellane-Majastre, which offers the land and the financing of the...

Visiter Place de Lenche

Place de Lenche


It is located on the ancient Greek agora. Originally the square was closed on all four sides, and in the fifth century...

Visiter Place Estrangin-Pastré

Place Estrangin-Pastré


This square is the seat of the Marseilles finance in the nineteenth century. There is the bank of France built in 1885...

Visiter Place Thiars

Place Thiars


In 1660 when he came to Marseilles, Louis XIV ordered the construction of a Grand Arsenal of the Galeres which would...

Visiter Place Villeneuve Bargemon

Place Villeneuve Bargemon


In order to equip itself with a new room of the City Council more modern and more functional, the City chooses the...

Visiter Thumb of Caesar

Thumb of Caesar


And it was in 1988 that César realized a golden bronze thumb of a height of 6 meters and weighing more than 4 tons,...

Visiter Precision of the Accoules

Precision of the Accoules


At the beginning of the 17th century, the Jesuits founded the church of Sainte-Croix and the college of the four...

Visiter Area of ​​the Estaque

Area of ​​the Estaque


In the north of Marseilles, at the foot of the Nerthe chain, the small port of l'Estaque (attachment, in...

Visiter Neighborhood of Antiquaires

Neighborhood of Antiquaires


This neighborhood opened in the nineteenth century, gathered around the prefecture and Rue Edmond Rostand (street since...

Visiter Republic street

Republic street


Former imperial street, it was opened under the Second Empire, it is the only Haussmanian artery in Marseille offering...

Visiter Stade Velodrome

Stade Velodrome


The first French stadium built of concrete, the Stade Vélodrome is made for the Football World Cup of 1938 and...

Visiter Vallon of Auffes

Vallon of Auffes


In the shelter of the eye, hidden under the Corniche, this small fishing port offers to the walker a thousand touches...

Visiter Villa Gaby

Villa Gaby


On the heights of the Corniche, this villa is built for the Marseilles singer of music-hall Gaby Deslys....

Visiter Villa Valmer

Villa Valmer


The villa "Vague à la Mer" was built in the 1865s by the Marseilles architect Condamin, in a Renaissance style, on top...

Visiter Regional Contemporary Art Fund

Regional Contemporary Art Fund


In 2013, the Regional Fund for Contemporary Art was installed in a new building designed by the Japanese architect...

Visiter Museum of the Regards de Provence

Museum of the Regards de Provence


The foundation settled in 2013 in the old sanitary station built by Fernand Pouillon in 1948. The Regards de Provence...

Visiter Villa Mediterranea

Villa Mediterranea


The Villa Méditerranée, inaugurated in 2013, is the International Center for Dialogue and Trade in the Mediterranean....





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