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Visiter Basilica of Our Lady of the Guard

Basilica of Our Lady of the Guard


From the prehistory, the hill of the Garde (148 m), over the centuries, was simultaneously a lookout post, a military...

Visiter Cathedral of Major

Cathedral of Major


The new cathedral of the Major was built by Leon Vaudoyer between 1852 and 1893 in a Roman-Byzantine style....

Visiter Château Borely and its park

Château Borely and its park


It is built from 1767 to 1778 according to the plans of Peyre and Brun for the merchant Louis Borély and bought in 1856...

Visiter Castle of If

Castle of If


Until the sixteenth century, the island is wild and an occasional haven for fishermen. In 1524, Francis I ordered the...

Visiter Castle of the Buzine

Castle of the Buzine


The Castle of the Buzine "Castle of my mother" built in 1867 and acquired by Marcel Pagnol in 1941 in the...

Visiter Church of the Reformed - St Vincent de Paul

Church of the Reformed - St Vincent de Paul


In the 14th century, the hermits of Saint Augustin settled on the site of the church Saint-Ferréol les Augustins....

Visiter Fort Saint Jean - MuCEM

Fort Saint Jean - MuCEM


In the 13th century, the Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem (Order of Malta) settled on the site. There stands the...

Visiter Antique Port

Antique Port


In 1967, during the construction of a shopping center, the Center Bourse, important archaeological remains were...

Visiter Creeks



With a total area of ??5000 hectares, the site is classified since 1975. The name Calanque comes from the Latin "...

Visiter Palace of the Bourse

Palace of the Bourse


The Chamber of Commerce of Marseille, dean of France created in 1599, was installed on the ground floor of the Palais...

Visiter Palace of the Pharo

Palace of the Pharo


The decision to build an imperial residence in Marseilles rests with Prince Louis-Napoleon, who during his trip in...

Visiter Old Port

Old Port


The north shore of the Old Port was colonized since the foundation of the city by the Greeks in 600 BC During the...

Visiter Former Hotel Louvre et Paix

Former Hotel Louvre et Paix


The Grand Hotel du Louvre and La Paix is ??one of the most remarkable buildings of the Canebière, dating from the...

Visiter Frioul Archipelago

Frioul Archipelago


Silhouette of limestone with relief carved by the mistral (calanques, beaches and sandy coves ...) the archipelago...

Visiter Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Church - Chapel

The first stone of the Basilica was laid in 1920 after the First World War, on the occasion of the second centenary of...

Visiter Calanque of Callelongue

Calanque of Callelongue

Natural Park

It is in this tiny Calanque all in length as its name indicates (long creek - Callelongue) that the road stops....

Visiter Castle Berger

Castle Berger


This villa on the cornice was built for Baron Houitte de la Chesnaye in 1860 in the French Renaissance style of the...

Visiter Castle Pastré

Castle Pastré


This ancient bastide is situated in a park of 110 hectares, between sea and hills. It was built in the 1860s by the...

Visiter Cité Radieuse - Le Corbusier

Cité Radieuse - Le Corbusier


Between 1947 and 1951, Le Corbusier built this edifice, whose layout evokes the theme of the urban liner made of raw...

Visiter Cistern of the Mills

Cistern of the Mills


Built between 1851 and 1852, the basin with a capacity of 12000m3, is located under the Place des Moulins in the Panier...

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