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Our app features the history of 175 monuments and great sites including places to discover Mulhouse. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Mulhouse

Visit Temple Saint-Etienne

Temple Saint-Etienne

Built between 1858 and 1868, under the direction of the Mulhouse architect Jean-Baptiste Schacre, who had already designed the Synagogue and the Saint-Etienne church, this neo-gothic temple illustrates the economic success of Mulhouse Protestants in the 19th century. The tallest Protestant building... Read more

Maison Mieg

Built in 1560 by Valentin Fries, the name comes from the Mieg family who owned the house from 1675 to 1840. Its current appearance is the work of Mathieu Mieg who decorated the façade in 1799 with mural paintings of his own creation, evoking the Swiss hero Arnold de Winkelried. The Mieg house is... Read more

Hôtel de Ville

Destroyed by fire in 1551 and rebuilt the following year, the City Hall of Mulhouse is described by Montaigne as "a magnificent palace, all gilded". Since 1698, the decor has used trompe l'oeil decorations ??by Jean Gabriel. This beautiful building, witness to the Rhenish Renaissance, still hosts... Read more

Théâtre de la Sinne

In 1867, a company was created whose purpose was to endow Mulhouse with a theatre "worthy of its industrial importance". The plans, long disappeared, are attributed to the architect Frédéric Louis de Rutté for the building and the Parisian architect Philastre for the Italianate auditorium.... Read more

Musée de l'Impression sur Etoffes

In 1833, the manufacturers of Mulhouse, gathered at the Industrial Society of Mulhouse, decided to protect their creations and aimed to complete these archives by collecting the products of other countries and other periods. Their concern was, from the start, clearly professional: it was to collect... Read more

Cité du Train

Open to the public since 1971, the Cité du Train is a collection of the greatest railway masterpieces. It addresses the role of the railway in the great events of history through an interactive exhibition that explores the emotional roots of the railway. A second room, "the Platforms of History",... Read more

Cité de l'Automobile-Coll. Schlumpf

In a 19th century Mulhouse spinning mill, its owner, Fritz Schlumpf, has assembled the most prestigious car collection in the world. More than 400 cars from 97 different marques, including a large number of Bugattis, are presented in 3 areas: "the automobile adventure", "the race course" and... Read more

Tour du Bollwerk

Built in the 14th century, the Tour du Bollwerk was part of the ramparts of old Mulhouse. Called the Tour du Cochon in the 19th century due to the proximity of the slaughterhouse, it was classified as an historic monument in 1898. In 1832, the tower was isolated during the demolition of the... Read more

Bains municipaux

The increase in popularity of swimming pools in Germany and the considerable growth in population led the city of Mulhouse, at the time under German authority, to build a bathhouse. Work began in 1913 under the leadership of the city architect Maurice Baumeister, but was interrupted by the First... Read more

Ecomusée d'Alsace

The largest ecological museum in France, the Alsace Ecomuseum brings together the history of an entire region. Inaugurated in 1984, it owes its origin to some young Alsatians who, in the 1970s, had the crazy idea to rebuild on the same site houses from the whole of Alsace, in order to preserve the... Read more

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