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Visiter The Castle of the Dukes of Brittany

The Castle of the Dukes of Brittany


history: In the 10th century, a first castle was built in Nantes: the castle of Bouffay. It was near the current...

Visiter Cathedral



history: On the site of this cathedral were succeeded a druidic temple dedicated to Janus and three churches: ...

Visiter The Unique Place

The Unique Place


This original cultural center was created from the industrial establishment that housed the LU biscuit factory between...

Visiter Passage Pommeraye

Passage Pommeraye


This beautiful shopping gallery was made between 1841 and 1843; built on a steep terrain, it is on 3 levels...

Visiter Garden plants

Garden plants


This beautiful botanical garden of 7.3 ha was created in the nineteenth century. It is an English style garden with...

Visiter Island of Versailles

Island of Versailles


It is an artificial island Erdre, created with dredging and earthmoving materials from the digging of the canal from...

Visiter The Machines of the Island

The Machines of the Island


This leisure park created in 2004 is based both on the worlds invented by Jules Verne, the machines of Leonardo d...

Visiter History of Nantes

History of Nantes


Visiter The Nantes History Museum

The Nantes History Museum


It is in the castle of the Dukes of Brittany which it occupies 32 rooms. During a chronological and thematic itinerary,...

Visiter The Bouffay district

The Bouffay district


It is the oldest district of Nantes; it was built upon arrival between the 5th and 2nd centuries. before JC, of ??the...

Visiter The House of Apothecaries

The House of Apothecaries


This beautiful half-timbered house dates from the 15th century. it is built with a wooden frame and a filling made of...

Visiter The Hostellerie des Jacobins

The Hostellerie des Jacobins


The former convent of the Jacobins was built in the thirteenth century and often changed until the eighteenth century. ;...

Visiter Hotel Saint Aignan

Hotel Saint Aignan


This beautiful mansion was built in the late fifteenth century, in the flamboyant Gothic style: it is a Gothic sty...

Visiter City Hall: the Manor of Derval

City Hall: the Manor of Derval

City Hall

the Town Hall is constituted by the meeting of 3 buildings: the Manor of Derval, the Hotel of Rosmadec and the hotel of...

Visiter City Hall: Rosmadec Hotel

City Hall: Rosmadec Hotel

City Hall

It is César de Renouard, cousin of Nicolas Fouquet and Treasurer General of the States of Brittany, who built this...

Visiter Graslin Square

Graslin Square


In 1777; the Receiver General of the Kingdom Farms, Louis Graslin, buys land in a low population area, with the...

Visiter Royal Square

Royal Square


It was designed by Mathurin Crucy, architect of Place Graslin. Moreover, the two places have the same shape: they form...

Visiter Feydeau Island

Feydeau Island


This is an old island that was developed by the construction of housing from 1720, and was attached to the shore and...

Visiter St. Nicholas Basilica

St. Nicholas Basilica

Church - Chapel

A first church was built there from the end of the 11th century. It was often restored, but in the eighteenth century,...

Visiter Church of Our Lady of Good Port

Church of Our Lady of Good Port

Church - Chapel

It was built in 1842 by the architects Saint-Félix Seheult and Joseph-Fleury Chenantais . It is connected by Mazagran...

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