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Visiter The arenas

The arenas


The amphitheater (or arena) of Nimes is the best preserved Roman world. By the end of the 1st century CE, it was home...

Visiter castellum



The Castellum, point of arrival of the aqueduct of Nîmes, is a vestige extremely rare. To supply the city with water,...

Visiter Hotel Boudon

Hotel Boudon


The oval vestibule of this 18C hotel. with its walls pierced with niches, gives access to the garden and the suspended...

Visiter Bernis Hotel

Bernis Hotel


The Bernis hotel is home to the oldest and most beautiful houses in Nîmes. Its 15th century Gothic facade has beautiful...

Visiter Hotel Rivet

Hotel Rivet


David Rivet, a silks merchant then a shipowner established in Cadiz, decided to retire to his hometown....

Visiter The Gardens of the Fountain

The Gardens of the Fountain


Decorated with vases and statues, the Jardins de la Fontaine are among the first public gardens in Europe....

Visiter The Square House

The Square House


Built at the beginning of our era in honor of Caius Caesar and Lucius Caesar, grandson and adopted son of the Emperor...

Visiter The Roman wall

The Roman wall


The Emperor Augustus offered to Nimes one of the largest enclosures of Roman Gaul. The Porte Auguste and the Porte ...

Visiter The Magne Tower

The Magne Tower


The Magne Tower was the highest and most prestigious tower of the Roman wall. Visible from afar, it signaled the...

Visiter The Temple of Diana

The Temple of Diana


We do not know its exact function ... It is the most romantic monument but also the most enigmatic of Nîmes, certainly...

Visiter Beaux-arts museum

Beaux-arts museum


Second collection of Languedoc Roussillon, the Museum of Fine Arts presents French, Flemish, Dutch and Italian...

Visiter Nemausus


Urban heritage

By realizing Nemausus in 1987, Jean Nouvel wanted to redefine social housing. This building received in 2008 the label...

Visiter Regis Hotel

Regis Hotel


Entirely remodeled in the 18th century, this hotel dates back to the 16th century. Its stone facade with windows...

Visiter Fontfroide Hotel

Fontfroide Hotel


Behind a sober facade, this 17C hotel hides a courtyard with rare elegance. Its baluster staircase of great depth gives...

Visiter The Academy Hotel

The Academy Hotel


The motto on the pediment "NE QVID NIMIS" (nothing too much) dates from the 16C. humanist. Although laid out...

Visiter Carré d'Art Jean Bousquet

Carré d'Art Jean Bousquet


With nearly 400 works, the Carré d'Art collection offers a panorama of contemporary creation from the sixties to...

Visiter Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum


Tenant of the former Jesuit college of the 17th century, the archaeological museum of Nimes is among the most important...

Visiter Museum of Old Nimes

Museum of Old Nimes


Established in the former Episcopal palace of the 17th century, the museum tells the story of life in Nimes since the...

Visiter Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum


Next to the Archaeological Museum, the Natural History Museum offers amazing collections from all fields of natural...

Visiter Museum of Taurine Cultures

Museum of Taurine Cultures


Located close to the Arena, the Bullfighting Cultures Museum is unique in France. Works of art and everyday objects...

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