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Top 10 places in Saint-etienne

Our app features the history of 120 monuments and great sites including places to discover Saint-etienne. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Saint-etienne

Visit The Château de Rochetaillée

The Château de Rochetaillée

This building, mentioned since 1173, defended access to Forez. Besieged and devastated during the wars of religion, it is restored at the end of the 16th century and dismantled in 1812. This feudal castle, anchored on a quartz block and in the shape of a polygon, is flanked by four towers of which... Read more

Visit The church of Valbenoîte

The church of Valbenoîte

The first stone of the building was laid in the thirteenth century by Count Guy IV Forez. This Cistercian abbey has since become the Notre-Dame de Valbenoîte school group. A Romanesque style inside, its portal and facade, remodeled in the nineteenth century, yet are antique style. Read more

Visit The Grand'Eglise Saint-Etienne Saint Laurent Church

The Grand'Eglise Saint-Etienne Saint Laurent Church

Succeeding a primitive church, the Grand'Eglise was rebuilt in the 15th century in coal sandstone in a typical Gothic style of Forez. Mutilated during the Wars of Religion and during the Revolution, it is the oldest church in the historic city. Read more

Visit The Villeneuve Hotel

The Villeneuve Hotel

This seventeenth-century town house is a bridge between the medieval and 19th-century town. The central body of the building is composed of three levels and stables in the south courtyard. Inside are ceilings "caisson fern" architectural particularity found in the Forez region. Read more

Visit The Chapel of Charity

The Chapel of Charity

Built in coal sandstone in 1741, the chapel is an element of the "House of Charity" decided by order of Louis XIV. The institution, founded in Saint-Etienne by the priest Guy Colombet in 1695, welcomed the poor. The portal of the chapel is surmounted by a niche of Charity of the... Read more

Visit The church of Saint-Victor-sur-Loire

The church of Saint-Victor-sur-Loire

Probably built around 1071 on the site of an old chapel, this Romanesque church is transformed in the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries and restored in 1969. The interior houses a Baroque wooden altar, statues of the nineteenth century, modern stained glass windows and a organ of style XVIIth... Read more

Visit The house called "The 5-legged sheep"

The house called "The 5-legged sheep"

This 16th century house is located at the time inside the fortified town. Its wooden facade, rebuilt in the twentieth century, reflects this architecture quite common in the sixteenth century. Its name comes from an old café located on the ground floor. Read more

Visit The building called "The Great Circle"

The building called "The Great Circle"

Built in 1840, the building symbolizes the economic success of the Colcombet ribbon family. The first floor was occupied for a long time by the "Grand Cercle", a bourgeois circle where the Etienne elite met. Read more

Visit The Bandstand

The Bandstand

The current kiosk, built in 1914, replaces the previous one from 1870 and became too small for the Municipal Harmony. Crowned with a dome carried by ten iron posts connected to the base by a railing wrought iron, it has on each of the ten faces the names of famous musicians. Read more

Visit The House without stairs (56)

The House without stairs (56)

Composed of 36 dwellings spread over six floors, the building built in 1933 by Auguste Bossu has no elevator or staircase but a helical ramp. The concrete cap, pierced with glass pavers, brings a zenith lighting to the inner courtyard, Art Deco style. Read more

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