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Our app features the history of 138 monuments and great sites including places to discover South corsica. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at South corsica

Visit Tourist Office of Bonifacio

Tourist Office of Bonifacio

The Tourist Information Office of Bonifacio is located at N° 2 rue Scamaroni. This important street was formerly known as National Street or "U Stradun" in the Bonifacien dialect. This name was given in tribute to Fred Scamaroni, a national hero of the Resistance, who died in the citadel of Ajaccio... Read more

Visit Long Street

Long Street

As mentioned in the thirteenth century, Rue Longue (under the name of "Platea Lunga") was one of the most important shopping streets of the city. Its 90m length housed 341 people in 1851. At that time, it was the most populated in the Citadel, after the Rue Doria, with its 420 inhabitants.... Read more

Visit Street of the Two Emperors

Street of the Two Emperors

As its name indicates, it housed two emperors. The first was Charles Vth of Spain who, on his return to Algiers in 1541, stayed in Bonifacio. It is precisely at N° 7, that Filippo Cattaciolo gave him lodging. With its magnificent lintel of sculpted marble, you will easily recognize the entrance... Read more

Visit Parade


The Place d’Armes was built at the end of the fifteenth century, by the Republic of Genoa. Soldiers called "the knights of the Annonciade " guarded the Annonciade "castle-convent" whose one wing overlooked the Place d’Armes. Located just at the entrance of the town, when arriving by the Genoa Gate,... Read more

Visit Gate of Genoa

Gate of Genoa

Formerly known as "U Punti d’Ad'atu, U Purtun" or the Great Door, the Genoa Gate had been the only possible access to the citadel for some time. The drawbridge, seen today, dates back from 1830. It has replaced the former arrow slit drawbridge built in 1598. The Citadel was deemed impregnab... Read more

Visit Garden of the Vestiges

Garden of the Vestiges

Here you can see the ruins of a wall, part of the thirteenth century fortifications, discovered during excavations in 1972. The houses leaning against this wall were destroyed during the 1553 bombings. The charm of these old stones mingle with various species of Mediterranean flora. Read more

Visit Market place

Market place

Called “U Masgilu” in the past, a word that means "slaughter" and not "market" (mercatu). The two words were confused, especially as the site, after having served for slaughter, was rebuilt as a covered market. It is an unavoidable stop when visiting the Citadel. But the most important thing is the... Read more

Visit Manichella Square

Manichella Square

From this small square, as from the Place du Marché, you have a breathtaking view of Sardinia, and its surroundings. On the left, this big stone that you see, is ironically named the "Grain of Sand". In the distance, on the mainland, the Pertusatu semaphore watches over all the surrounding area of... Read more

Visit Church of Santa Maria Maggiore

Church of Santa Maria Maggiore

Construction of the Sainte-Marie-Majeure church surely began when Corsica was entrusted by the pope to the Republic of Pisa, in the 12th century. But it was completed by the Genoese who, in 1187, invaded the city. This explains its mixture of Romanesque and Gothic styles and the presence of Genoese... Read more

Visit House of Podestats

House of Podestats

This house, adorned with cornices, niches and small arcades, belonged to the Podestats, the first magistrates of the city. From 1270 onwards, they represented the Republic of Genoa’s authority. They ensured the impartiality in the application of laws and exercised the powers of the executive,... Read more

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