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Our app features the history of 62 monuments and great sites including places to discover St denis- reunion. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at St denis- reunion

Visit The guétalis of the Place de la Mairie

The guétalis of the Place de la Mairie

A guétali is a small perennial building resembling a kiosk typical of the Creole architecture of Reunion and which was once erected at the corner of the walled courtyards. Covered by a roof, often decorated with lambrequins, the guétali generally protected its occupants from the eyes of passers-by... Read more

Visit Grand'Cour


Nowadays, known as the Franco-Chinese school, this superb building is the first of three houses erected between 1776 and 1787 by Henri Paulin Panon-Desbassyns, it was built for his father-in-law. Ms. Desbassyns was the guest of honor. She served them drinks with ice (descended from the Glacière... Read more

Visit Castle of Savanna

Castle of Savanna

The building owes its title of "castle" only to its size and its imposing volumetry. Its architecture is very interesting. On the western side especially, it presents the main characteristics of the architecture of the India Company which were extremely sober and whose main rule was... Read more

Visit The Powder

The Powder

It is the oldest building in Reunion Island still standing. Built by Governor Desfroges-Boucher, behind the Pond, at the foot of the mountain so that it is out of reach of an attack and a bombardment, this powder magazine sheltered the explosive used for the works and the defense Of Saint-Paul (up... Read more

Visit The Landing

The Landing

From the beginning of the 19th century, the development of the sugar industry led to a marked increase in maritime activities in the Bay of Saint-Paul. Some shipping companies then obtained concessions to allow them to set up private landing stages. The marines of Saint-Paul will be among the first... Read more

Visit The Piton Maïdo

The Piton Maïdo

Frequented by thousands of tourists each year, the natural site of Maïdo, a World Heritage Site by Unesco and located in the heart of the 9th French National Park, surprises by the diversity of its vegetation and by the unique panorama on the Mafate Circus From its 2190m altitude. A large window... Read more

Visit The Reunion Aquarium

The Reunion Aquarium

The aquarium of the Reunion offers you at the same time of the emotion, the dream, the spectacle and numerous information. You will dive into over 600,000 liters of sea water, representing different submarine environments of the island: volcanic slopes, lagoon, reef depths, wide open sea.... Read more

Visit The Villele Museum

The Villele Museum

The historical museum of Villèle, was created by the Department of Reunion in 1974 on a vast colonial property, the former Panon-Desbassayns residence. The estate evokes the prosperity of a Creole family that marked the history of Reunion in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The property was... Read more

Visit The Marine Cemetery

The Marine Cemetery

The marine cemetery was established in 1788 on the site of the Bay of Saint-Paul, the first place of settlement by the French of the Island of Reunion (called at the time Bourbon Island). It includes in its northern part the burials of old families of Saint Paul: the Panon, Desbassyns, Delanux,... Read more

Visit Ravine Bernica

Ravine Bernica

Celebrated by the great poet Leconte Delisle, this important gully feeds Etang Saint-Paul and is its main tributary. The ravine Bernica was once known as a wild natural site conducive to all intrigues. At the beginning of the 19th century, she served as a den for Madame Desbassayns and as a theater... Read more

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