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Visiter The guétalis of the Place de la Mairie

The guétalis of the Place de la Mairie


A guétali is a small perennial building resembling a kiosk typical of the Creole architecture of Reunion and which was...

Visiter Grand'Cour



Nowadays, known as the Franco-Chinese school, this superb building is the first of three houses erected between 1776...

Visiter Castle of Savanna

Castle of Savanna


The building owes its title of "castle" only to its size and its imposing volumetry. Its architecture is very...

Visiter The Powder

The Powder


It is the oldest building in Reunion Island still standing. Built by Governor Desfroges-Boucher, behind the Pond, at...

Visiter The Landing

The Landing


From the beginning of the 19th century, the development of the sugar industry led to a marked increase in maritime...

Visiter The Piton Maïdo

The Piton Maïdo


Frequented by thousands of tourists each year, the natural site of Maïdo, a World Heritage Site by Unesco and located...

Visiter The Reunion Aquarium

The Reunion Aquarium


The aquarium of the Reunion offers you at the same time of the emotion, the dream, the spectacle and numerous...

Visiter The Villele Museum

The Villele Museum


The historical museum of Villèle, was created by the Department of Reunion in 1974 on a vast colonial property, the...

Visiter The Marine Cemetery

The Marine Cemetery


The marine cemetery was established in 1788 on the site of the Bay of Saint-Paul, the first place of settlement by the...

Visiter Ravine Bernica

Ravine Bernica


Celebrated by the great poet Leconte Delisle, this important gully feeds Etang Saint-Paul and is its main tributary....

Visiter The Villa Riviere

The Villa Riviere


Typical Creole villa built at the end of the 18th century, in neoclassical style, in basalt stone and wood, it is built...

Visiter city ​​Hall

city ​​Hall

Town hall

This large 18th century massive building was originally an administrative building of the Compagnie des Indes, whose...

Visiter The Longere

The Longere

Monuments and places of interest

La Longère, located in the heart of Saint-Paul, was a "tôle" shop. The inland waterway companies used to...

Visiter Lacay Accommodation: Hotels

Lacay Accommodation: Hotels

Monuments and places of interest

Located in the prolongation of the large landing stage, it is the recognizable emblem of Saint-Paul on many lithographs...

Visiter House Serveaux

House Serveaux

Monuments and places of interest

It is a charming heritage home, located at the entrance to downtown Saint-Paul. A magnificent flamboyant throne in the...

Visiter House Lucas

House Lucas


It is a typically Creole house composed in two parts (which is rather rare): the ground floor is in stone and the floor...

Visiter House Martin

House Martin


This house is built partly in tamarind wood, carved lava stone and iron. The facade has remarkable details of the...

Visiter House Pota

House Pota


This house was unfortunately completely destroyed after a fire in May 2008. That's why you can not observe it...

Visiter Case Maunier - Concrete Cube

Case Maunier - Concrete Cube


This house is considered a heritage of the 20th century. This new architecture was created by an architect (cabinet...

Visiter Workshops



Built in the middle of the eighteenth century, in basalt carved on behalf of the East India Company, they served as...

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