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Our app features the history of 185 monuments and great sites including places to discover Berlin. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Berlin

Visit Zeughaus (old Arsenal)

Zeughaus (old Arsenal)

This baroque style building was commissioned by Frederick I and constructed between 1703 and 1729 according to plans by Johann Nering. The work was supervised by Martin Grünberg, Andreas Schlüter and the Huguenot Jean de Bodt. The later, made significant changes to the building after construction... Read more

Visit Unter den Linden (

Unter den Linden ("under the linden trees")

Originally, this way was a simple path, which allowed riders to go from the castle to the town of Tiergarten during riding or hunting seasons. It was extended in 1647 by order of the "Great Elector" Frederick William of Brandeburg. Linden trees were planted including gardens and pathways as the... Read more

Visit Humboldt Universität (Humboldt university of Berlin)

Humboldt Universität (Humboldt university of Berlin)

The Palace where it is based was initially built in 1753 by Henry who was the brother of Frederick II. The university of Berlin was founded in 1810 under the initiative of Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767-1835). Humboldt was a politician who held important government positions. The university was... Read more

Visit Neue Wache (new guard)

Neue Wache (new guard)

This neoclassical building of 1818, inspired by the Greek temples, is the work of Karl Friedrich Schinkel: it was first used as a guard post for the royal guard and as a memorial for soldiers who died during the Napoleonic campaigns. In 1931, it was transformed into a memorial for the soldiers who... Read more

Visit Alte Bibliothek (former library)

Alte Bibliothek (former library)

The first library, home to the collection of books by the great elector Frederic Guillaume, was founded in 1661, and was first stored in the pharmacy pavilion of the Berlin castle. The Viennese architect Joseph Fischer von Erlach had planned to build a complement to the "Michaelertrakt"... Read more

Visit Sankt Hedwig Kathedrale (St. Edwige's Cathedral)

Sankt Hedwig Kathedrale (St. Edwige's Cathedral)

This first Catholic church in Prussia after the Reformation was built with the permission of Frederick II, from 1747 to 1773, for the Catholics of Silesia. This region had been annexed to Prussia in 1742 by Frederick II. : He had to wage many wars to preserve it. For the construction of the church,... Read more

Visit Gendarmenmarkt (square)

Gendarmenmarkt (square)

The headquarters of the regiment of gendarmes was already located at this place when Frederick I decided in 1680 to create a fruit and veg market with an ensemble of buildings to make it a beautiful place. It is surrounded by the " Deutscher Dom " and its museum on German democracy and the "... Read more

Visit Französischer Dom (French Cathedral)

Französischer Dom (French Cathedral)

It was built from 1701 to 1705 by Louis Cayart and Abraham Quesnay for the French Huguenots who had fled France because of the revocation of the Edict of Nantes. The architects took as a model the Huguenot church of Charenton destroyed in 1668. Its base resembles the pronaos of a Greek temple with... Read more

Visit Konzerthaus (house of concerts)

Konzerthaus (house of concerts)

This beautiful neoclassical building, built from 1818 to 1821, is the work of Karl Friedrich Schinkel; It was first a theater (Schauspielhaus) which replaced the national theater of Langhans, destroyed by fire in 1817, and which was in the same place. Schinkel kept the columns of the entrance... Read more

Visit Deutscher Dom (German cathedral)

Deutscher Dom (German cathedral)

It was built around 1708 by Giovanni Simonetti based upon a design by Martin Grünberg. In 1785, the tower was added to it; this tower is identical to the one at " Französischer Dom ". After the last war, it was reconstructed identically to the original cathedral from the outside but the inside has... Read more

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