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Top 10 places in Frankfurt

Our app features the history of 29 monuments and great sites including places to discover Frankfurt. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Frankfurt

Visit Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew

Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew

The church is an interesting monument to visit because of its history, its long period of construction and some original architectural features. There were at least 5 churches successively erected at this place: when the Franks became Christians from the baptism of Chlodwig (Clovis), they settled... Read more

Visit Goethe House

Goethe House

Goethe was born in this house in 1749 and lived there until 1775: it was built by his father, an imperial advisor, by joining two small houses that belonged to his grandmother. However, because of his studies, he had to leave his house on two occasions: he stayed in Leipzig (1765-1768) and in... Read more

Visit St. Paul's Church

St. Paul's Church

This round church was built from 1789 to 1833 for Lutheran worshipers; it has a classical style and was designed by Johann Friedrich Christian Hess. His idea was to create a building that resembles the Pantheon in Rome. In 1848, after the March revolution, the Frankfurt Parliament, which was the... Read more

Visit Old St Nicholas Church

Old St Nicholas Church

We do not know exactly the period of its construction, but it is thought to date back to the twelfth century and was the church of the palace. In any case, it is mentioned in a text dating from 1264 and was restored in 1280 in the early Gothic style, with a double wing and a raised choir.... Read more

Visit Der Eiserne Steg (The Iron Footbridge)

Der Eiserne Steg (The Iron Footbridge)

The iron bridge that connects the Römerberg at Sachsenhausen neighborhood was built in 1868; it has a length of 170 meters. At the time, there were not enough bridges so the citizens requested the construction of a new bridge for pedestrians. The idea of metal constructions was in the air at that... Read more

Visit Alte Oper (Old Opera)

Alte Oper (Old Opera)

Designed by Richard Lucae, the building was completed in 1880; it was funded by the citizens who protested because of the fact that the price paid was ten times that which was expected. By creating this magnificent Opera, the city wanted to assert its local identity because the citizens did not... Read more

Visit The Eschenheimer Turm

The Eschenheimer Turm

This beautiful tower built in the 15th century was part of the latest fortifications: as soon as the Emperor had allowed the city to expand, from 1343, new walls began to be built. The tower is the best preserved part of the city; it has not been altered. It was simply restored between 1424 and... Read more

Visit The Hauptwache (Main Guard)

The Hauptwache (Main Guard)

The baroque building built in 1730, which gives the square its name, was the headquarters of the city’s defense militia when it was an independent city - state; it also used to be a prison. In the 18th century Frankfurt still had its own army and the city was surrounded by a wall. The square lost... Read more

Visit St. Catherine's Church

St. Catherine's Church

Lutheranism spread rapidly in Frankfurt: in 1522 the first Lutheran sermon was held in the church of St. Catherine’s convent of the same name. In 1526, the nuns finally left the convent. In 1533, all citizens were already Lutheran. Quite rapidly, the church became too small, because at that time,... Read more

Visit Römerberg


The buildings surrounding the square were largely destroyed by the bombings in 1944. They were reconstructed thanks to period documents or photographs: this is the case, in particular, of the City Hall And the "Samstagsberg" opposite, rebuilt in 1980. Since the early Middle Ages... Read more

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