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The monuments of Munich - page 4

Visiter Jugendstil-Haus Ainmillerstrasse

Jugendstil-Haus Ainmillerstrasse

Private Building

This well restored house is really typical of a certain jugendstil, with its structured polychrome façade, fantastic...

Visiter Englischer Garten

Englischer Garten


The English Garden owes its existence to an American officer, Benjamin Thompson (1753-1814), who became Minister of...

Visiter Archäologische Staatssammlung

Archäologische Staatssammlung


The "Archaeological Collection" of Bavaria is one of the most important archaeological museums in Germany....

Visiter Schack Collection

Schack Collection


Friedrich von Schack (1815-1894) collected the works of nineteenth-century Munich painters. And also helped the most...

Visiter Bayerisches Nationalmuseum

Bayerisches Nationalmuseum


The National Bavarian Museum was established in 1855 and installed in this building built between 1894 and 1899 on the...

Visiter Haus der Kunst

Haus der Kunst


To replace the Ice Palace of the botanical garden, destroyed by a fire in 1931, the Hitler regime built this museum...

Visiter Karolinenplatz



Maximilian I. Joseph developed an entire neighborhood which became the "Max Vorstadt" crossed by the...

Visiter Staatliche Antiken-Sammlungen

Staatliche Antiken-Sammlungen


In 1835, Ludwig I commissioned Georg Ziebland to build the church and convent of St. Boniface. The church, heavily...

Visiter Propyläen



This Doric monument was built between 1854 and 1862 by Leo von Klenze to complete the "Königsplatz"...

Visiter Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus

Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus


In 1891, the successful painter Franz von Lenbach built a beautiful villa in the Italian style by Gabriel von Seidl....

Visiter Paläontologisches Museum

Paläontologisches Museum


It is a small museum; His masterpieces are: a bavarica archäoptéryx from Sonthofen, as well as a small and a large...

Visiter Museum Reich der Kristalle

Museum Reich der Kristalle


The base of this museum is the collection of Prince Maximilian of Leuchtenberg, who collected minerals from the Urals...

Visiter Alte Pinakothek

Alte Pinakothek


The old Pinacoteca was founded in the 16th century. By Wilhelm IV of Bavaria; The Wittelsbach collection was completed...

Visiter Neue Pinakothek

Neue Pinakothek


The new Pinacotheque covers European painting from the 18th, the 19th and the early 20th centuries. It was opened in...

Visiter Pinakothek der Moderne

Pinakothek der Moderne


This museum, opened in 2002, presents the painting, architecture, design and design of the 20th and 21st centuries....

Visiter Museum Brandhorst

Museum Brandhorst


This museum was opened in 2009: it came from a donation from the Brandhorst couple. It complements the Pinakothek der...

Visiter Dürkheim Palace

Dürkheim Palace


This red brick palace, striated horizontally, was built between 1842 and 1844 by Franz Kreuter; It recalls the style of...

Visiter Lenbach Platz

Lenbach Platz


This unstructured square is where the fortifications of the city stood. It is surrounded by several interesting...

Visiter Löwenbrauerei



This brewery was founded in 1383, but it did not take off until 1818, when it was bought by Georg Brey....

Visiter Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst

Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst


The Egyptian Art Collection was created in the 16th century. By Duke Albert V, and increased over the centuries....

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