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Visiter Botanischer Garten

Botanischer Garten


The new 22-hectare botanical garden was created from 1909 to 1914; It is one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in...

Visiter Olympiapark



This complex was built for the 1972 Summer Olympics on a site where the ruins of buildings destroyed during the war had...

Visiter BMW buildings

BMW buildings

Private Building

These are 3 ultra-modern buildings that are truly architecturally interesting. In 1970 the architect Karl Schanzer...

Visiter Sankt Michael Kirche, Berg am Laim

Sankt Michael Kirche, Berg am Laim

Church - Chapel

This church was built between 1737 and 1751 by the most renowned artists of the time: architect Johann Michael Fischer,...

Visiter Tierpark Hellabrunn

Tierpark Hellabrunn


This zoo, founded in 1911, was the first zoo where animals are not grouped by species, but by geographical area: thus...

Visiter Burg Grünwald

Burg Grünwald


The Romans had already chosen this site to install a guard post near the "Via Julia" and above the valley of...

Visiter Asam Schlössl

Asam Schlössl


In 1724, Cosmas Damian Asam bought this house, dating from 1684: he was cramped in his apartment in Theatinerstrasse...

Visiter Theresienwiese



The "Oktoberfest", where the "Oktoberfest" takes place, is now completely tarred: in 1810, it was...

Visiter Blutenburg



The first castle, of which there are vestiges, dates back to the 13th century. : It was a inhabited tower surrounded by...

Visiter Bavaria Film Studios

Bavaria Film Studios

Culture and leisure

It is here that many films of cinema, television or series, as well as television shows are filmed....

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