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Visiter Matthias Church

Matthias Church


It was built in 1015 in the Romanesque style, but rebuilt in the flamboyant Gothic style in the middle of the...

Visiter Buda Castle Maze

Buda Castle Maze


The action of hot water on the limestone rocks created a set of caves under the castle hill; They have been used for ...

Visiter Place Clark Adam

Place Clark Adam


It is a vast round square, an important hub of communications: one can go to Pest by the bridge of the chains, go...

Visiter Museum of Ethnography

Museum of Ethnography


The large building that houses the museum was built in 1896 by Alajos Hauszmann for the Ministry of Justice....

Visiter Museum of Decorative Arts

Museum of Decorative Arts


This Art Nouveau museum was built between 1893 and 1896 on the plans of Gyula Pártos and ídön Lechner. It is a building...

Visiter Central Market

Central Market


It is an immense covered market, the largest in Budapest; It was built around 1896 by Samu Pecz. The roof was rebuilt...

Visiter Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine Arts


In 1870, the State bought the Esterhazy family of art objects, thus founding the Museum of Fine Arts. Only a suitab...

Visiter Castle of Vajdahunyad

Castle of Vajdahunyad


It was built on the plans of Ignác Alpár between 1896 and 1908 on the occasion of the festivities of the millennium:...

Visiter Bains Széchényi

Bains Széchényi


This beautiful neo-Baroque building was built between 1909 and 1913 by Gyözö Cziegler and Ede Dvorzsák. The two sources...

Visiter Buda History Museum

Buda History Museum


In the oldest archaeological site of Hungary, at Vértesszölös, 60 km from Budapest, tools were found dating from the...

Visiter Széchényi National Library

Széchényi National Library


It was founded in 1802 by Count Ferenc Széchényi; He had traveled the world and bought everything that was written in...

Visiter Fountain of Mátyás

Fountain of Mátyás


Realized by Alajos Stróbl and Alajos Hauszmann in 1904, it represents a hunting party led by Mathias Corvin, King of...

Visiter Hungarian National Gallery

Hungarian National Gallery


It was founded in 1957 and installed in the wings B, C and D of the palace in 1975; It presents mainly Hungarian works...

Visiter Place of the Parade

Place of the Parade


In the Middle Ages, this square was the market square of the castle quarter. In the 19th century, the military parades...

Visiter Sándor Palace

Sándor Palace


It was built in 1806 for Count Sándor by Mihály Pollack. The bas-reliefs are of Richárd Török, Miklós Melocco and Tamás...

Visiter National Theater of Dance

National Theater of Dance


In the 13th century, the site was occupied by a church dedicated to Saint John the Evangelist and whose construction...

Visiter Museum of the Pharmacy of the Golden Eagle

Museum of the Pharmacy of the Golden Eagle


A pharmacy was founded in 1688 by Ferenc Ignác Bösinger: it became the pharmacy of the Golden Eagle in 1740 and was...

Visiter Place of the Trinity

Place of the Trinity


The center of this large square is occupied by the important Saint Mathias church. It is bordered by the Fishermen'...

Visiter Bastion of Sinners

Bastion of Sinners

Observation site

It was built in 1895 by Frigyes Schulek in the neo-Romanesque style, but with a great deal of fantasy: it had been...

Visiter András Hess Square

András Hess Square


This square is dedicated to Andreas Hess who printed the first Hungarian book in 1473: "Chronica Hungarorum"....

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