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Top 10 places in Dublin

Our app features the history of 60 monuments and great sites including places to discover Dublin. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Dublin

Visit Irish Houses of Parliament

Irish Houses of Parliament

There has been a Parliament in Ireland since the 13th century, but over time the representation of the local population; both Irish and Anglo-Irish population varied a lot and then diminished over the many rebellions of the Irish Catholics. This Parliament met in different places. The Irish House... Read more

Visit Trinity College

Trinity College

The first University of Dublin was founded in 1311 by the Pope. It was closed after the Reformation. The new University of Trinity College was founded in 1592 under the initiative of people who requested permission to Queen Elizabeth 1. Its design followed the model of Oxford and Cambridge.... Read more

Visit Old Library

Old Library

The university library plays a very important role: it is linked to all UK libraries and receives every year some 100,000 copies of books published in the UK. It consists of several buildings, 4 of which are on campus and the most famous and imposing one is the Old Library built between 1712 and... Read more

Visit Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral

Under a Viking King, the first church was built there from 1038. It had a very basic structure. It was almost completely redesigned around 1180 with a few additions including aisles, a chancel, transept, a large crypt of 64 m length and two chapels. A chapel dedicated to Saint Laurent O'... Read more

Visit Saint Patrick's Cathedral

Saint Patrick's Cathedral

Dublin has two cathedrals, which is quite unusual and a difficult situation only resolved in 1300 through the "Pacis Compositio", an agreement between the two cathedrals that it clarified the responsibilities of each of the cathedrals. Saint Patrick’s cathedral was constructed between 1191 and 1270... Read more

Visit Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

The original Dublin Castle was built in 1204 by Meiler Fitzhenry on the orders of King John of England shortly after the Norman invasion of 1169 to defend the city against the Irish attacks. The castle was a typical Norman fortress without dungeon but thick walls protected by the River Poddle,... Read more

Visit National Museum of Ireland

National Museum of Ireland

This museum is mainly focused on Irish art and culture. Its 3 departments are housed in 3 separate buildings: they are for Natural History Museum, Archaeology, Decorative Arts and History. The Natural History Museum has specimens of animals from around the world. The Museum of Decorative Arts and... Read more

Visit Irish Museum of Modern Art

Irish Museum of Modern Art

It was founded in 1990 and is housed in the former Royal Hospital Kilmainham that was built in the 17th century to house retired soldiers. The hospital was active for almost 250 years. The museum is arranged around a courtyard and has long corridors running along series of modest interlocking rooms.... Read more

Visit Custom House

Custom House

This Custom House is a neoclassical style building that was built from 1781 to 1791 according to designs by Thomas Cooley and James Gandon, despite many protests: merchants complained the site was too far and the city feared for this building that was built in a swampy place. Gandon employed many... Read more

Visit Kilmainham Gaol (prison)

Kilmainham Gaol (prison)

This former prison, which is now a museum, was built in 1796 and remained active until 1924. It was used to incarcerate ordinary prisoners like political prisoners. It was also a place of transit for people deported to Australia as well as a place of execution of the death penalty. During the great... Read more

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