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Visiter Irish Houses of Parliament

Irish Houses of Parliament


There has been a Parliament in Ireland since the 13th century, but over time the representation of the local population;...

Visiter Trinity College

Trinity College


The first University of Dublin was founded in 1311 by the Pope. It was closed after the Reformation. The new University...

Visiter Old Library

Old Library


The university library plays a very important role: it is linked to all UK libraries and receives every year some...

Visiter Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral


Under a Viking King, the first church was built there from 1038. It had a very basic structure....

Visiter Saint Patrick's Cathedral

Saint Patrick's Cathedral


Dublin has two cathedrals, which is quite unusual and a difficult situation only resolved in 1300 through the "Pacis...

Visiter Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle


The original Dublin Castle was built in 1204 by Meiler Fitzhenry on the orders of King John of England shortly after...

Visiter National Museum of Ireland

National Museum of Ireland


This museum is mainly focused on Irish art and culture. Its 3 departments are housed in 3 separate buildings: they are...

Visiter Irish Museum of Modern Art

Irish Museum of Modern Art


It was founded in 1990 and is housed in the former Royal Hospital Kilmainham that was built in the 17th century to...

Visiter Custom House

Custom House


This Custom House is a neoclassical style building that was built from 1781 to 1791 according to designs by Thomas...

Visiter Kilmainham Gaol (prison)

Kilmainham Gaol (prison)


This former prison, which is now a museum, was built in 1796 and remained active until 1924. It was used to incarcerate...

Visiter Government Buildings

Government Buildings


This is a set of buildings dedicated, on one hand, to the Royal College of Science and, on the other hand, to the Irish...

Visiter Dublinia



This museum, which is dedicated to the Vikings and the Middle Ages, is located at the « Synode Hall”, which has been...

Visiter National Library

National Library


The institution was founded by a decree in 1877 by which the Dublin Royal Society gave its entire collection of books...

Visiter Casino at Marino

Casino at Marino


This pavilion was designed by the Scottish William Chambers for Count James Caulfeild; the construction in the gardens...

Visiter Malahide Castle

Malahide Castle


In 1185, Talbot, a knight, assisted the Norman King Henry II in his conquest of Ireland. As a reward, land was given to...

Visiter St Michan's Church

St Michan's Church


It was built around 1686 on the site of a former Danish church, meaning a Viking site. It is quite a simple church with...

Visiter Graduate Memorial Building

Graduate Memorial Building


It is a is a neo-Gothic Victorian building designed in 1897by Thomas Drew. Amongst other things, it is home to Trinity...

Visiter Museum Building

Museum Building


It is home to the University's Geology and Geography departments. It is a palace inspired both by Byzantine...

Visiter General Post Office

General Post Office


It is both the headquarters of the Irish general post office and the Dublin central post office. The building was built...

Visiter History of Ireland

History of Ireland


The first and rare vestiges of the presence of man in Ireland date back to the Mesolithic period (around 8000);...

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