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Our app features the history of 120 monuments and great sites including places to discover Naples. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Naples

Visit Piazza del Plebiscito

Piazza del Plebiscito

The Largo di Palazzo or Foro Regio has long been a large square with irregular shapes, on which were held popular festivals, ceremonies and military parades. From the 17th century, the construction of the Palais Royal led to a gradual restructuring of the square. But it was only under the impetus... Read more

Visit Basilica di San Francesco di Paola

Basilica di San Francesco di Paola

In 1815 Ferdinand I hired the architect Pietro Bianchi to make plans for a basilica dedicated to San Francesco di Paola. Ferdinand had addressed prayers to San Francesco di Paola (1416-1507) to intercede in his favor for his return to the throne of Naples, and had promised to build a church for him.... Read more

Visit Via Toledo

Via Toledo

Via Toledo was projected by Viceroy Pedro Alvarez de Toledo; In 1536 he commissioned the architects Ferdinando Manlio and Giovanni Benincasa to make a draft of this long street (1,2 km) to be built on the site of the western ramparts: they became useless because of another wider enclosure built... Read more

Visit Teatro San Carlo

Teatro San Carlo

It is the oldest operatic theater still in operation, after the Malibran theater in Venice and the Manoel theater in Valletta (Malta). It was built in 1737 on the plans of Antonio Medrano for King Charles I of Bourbon. It was leaned against the royal palace, so that the king could go there by ... Read more

Visit Castel Nuovo

Castel Nuovo

This castle was named Château Neuf, so that it is not confused with Castel del Ovo or Castel Capuano. It was built in 1279 by Charles I of Anjou, but only one element remains of this first castle: the Palatine Chapel. In 1442, Alphonse V of Aragon rebuilt it completely with 5 imposing towers and... Read more

Visit Palazzo Reale; construction

Palazzo Reale; construction

The Palazzo Reale is one of the four residences used by the Bourbons, the others being the Reggia di Capodimonte, the Reggia di Caserta and the Reggia di Portici. The Palazzo Reale was planned and built from the 16th century onwards. By Domenico Fontana under the command of Viceroy Fernando Ruiz ... Read more

Visit Palazzo Reale

Palazzo Reale

The floors of the main facade of the palace, with their rows of windows, retained its original appearance while the portico was reinforced by arcades decorated with niches, to ensure the solidity of the base. In the niches, Umberto I added the statues of the first kings of the different dynasties... Read more

Visit Via Chiaia

Via Chiaia

This pedestrian street runs from Trieste e Trento Square, very close to Piazza del Plebiscito, in Piazza dei Martiri. It is lined with many luxury shops. It also contains interesting churches and buildings. The Church of Sant'Orsola di Chiaia, lost almost all its original attributes during ... Read more

Visit Gesú Nuovo

Gesú Nuovo

At the site of the present church was a palace built by the prince of Salerno, Roberto Sanseverino. In 1552, the family was expelled from the palace for opposing the installation of the Inquisition. In 1584, Philip II sold the palace to the Jesuits, who transformed it into a church, retaining only... Read more

Visit Piazza Bellini

Piazza Bellini

The place has long been a meeting place for intellectuals, because of the many faculties that are in the vicinity. Also close are the Academy of Fine Arts and the Conservatory of Music where have studied many Italian composers, including Vincenzo Bellini who has his statue on the square.... Read more

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