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Top 10 places in Palermo

Our app features the history of 72 monuments and great sites including places to discover Palermo. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Palermo

Visit Palazzo dei Normanni

Palazzo dei Normanni

In the 7th century. BC, the Carthaginians had settled at the highest site and built a fortress there. Remains of the Punic foundations are still to be found in the castle's underground vaults. The Carthaginian fortress was conquered by the Romans in 254. Then it was the turn of the Byzantines... Read more

Visit Cappella Palatina

Cappella Palatina

Its construction was ordered by Roger II: it was to be the church of the palace (hence "palatina") for the royal family; His consecration took place in 1140. The church is a harmonious blend of several styles. It is primarily a Latin basilica with a central nave and two narrow aisles, delimited by... Read more

Visit Chiesa San Giovanni degli Eremiti

Chiesa San Giovanni degli Eremiti

It seems that there was already a church there in the 6th century, and that it was transformed into a mosque under Arab domination. The large cube near the church seems to be a vestige of the old mosque. Roger II built this new church which combines the Norman style and the Arabic style, around... Read more

Visit Cathedral facade

Cathedral facade

The complex is very complex, because the cathedral has been deeply modified over the centuries. Its construction, commissioned by Walter Ophamil, Anglo-Norman bishop of Palermo, dates from 1185; He buried in the crypt. In the same place was a Byzantine church, destroyed in the ninth century.... Read more

Visit Piazza Pretoria

Piazza Pretoria

In 1573, the Senate of Palermo acquired a fountain built in 1554 in Florence by Francesco Camilliani, for the private garden of a Spanish nobleman, former Viceroy of Sicily. The latter was obliged to sell it for debts. It had 64 statues! The 644 elements of the fountain were packed, placed in the... Read more

Visit Chiesa San Cataldo

Chiesa San Cataldo

It was founded around 1160 by Maione of Bari, Admiral of William I. It was granted to the Benedictines of Monreale and it belonged to them until 1787. It was then transformed into a post office until 1882, year from which A rigorous restoration led by Joseph Patricolo allowed him to recover his... Read more

Visit Chiesa San Giuseppe dei Teatini

Chiesa San Giuseppe dei Teatini

The church was built in the 17th century. By Giacomo Besio, member of the Order of Theatins, founded by San Gaetano. From the center of Quattro Canti Square, one sees in the distance the beautiful cupola covered with blue and yellow majolica, which rests on a drum supported by twin columns.... Read more

Visit Solunto (Palermo)

Solunto (Palermo)

According to Thucydides, it was the Phoenicians who founded this town built on Mount Catalfano at a height of 200 m on a magnificent site in the 8th century. BC. They occupied the fortresses of Panormus (Palermo), Mozya, and Solunto, and were to defend themselves against the incursions of the... Read more

Visit Duomo di Monreale

Duomo di Monreale

The cathedral was built between 1172 and 1176 under William II. It is a typical example of a mixture of the three styles: Norman (the structure of the church with its high apse and its two smaller apses, the basilical plane, the two massive towers), Arabic (intersecting blind arcades and beautiful... Read more

Visit Duomo di Monreale interior

Duomo di Monreale interior

The central nave is very wide in relation to the aisles; Naked columns separate them, ending in beautiful Corinthian capitals decorated with acanthus leaves, horns of abundance and small busts. Between the pointed arches and the walls of the aisles, beautiful mosaics represent scenes from the old... Read more

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