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Top 10 places in Malta

Our app features the history of 99 monuments and great sites including places to discover Malta. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Malta

Visit Valletta


It is the capital of Malta ; This fortified city of 10000 inhabitants, which occupies the whole peninsula of Sciberras, was built from 1566 by the military architect Francesco Laparelli of Cortona, sent by Pope Pius V; On his departure in 1569, he entrusted the rest of the work to the Maltese... Read more

Visit Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn Express

The order of the Knights of Malta was divided into 8 "Languages" which had all their inn; It served as a residence for knights who spoke this language, and in their train. There were, however, only seven inns at Valletta. As Henry VIII. Separated from the Roman church, there was no... Read more

Visit Barracca Garden Tops

Barracca Garden Tops

It is one of the most beautiful gardens of Valletta; It was built in 1775 on the bastion of Saints Peter and Paul thanks to the financial contribution of an Italian knight who wanted to offer his compatriots a place of pleasant rest. It is the highest point on the ramparts and offers a magnificent... Read more

Visit Co-Cathedral Saint Jean: the structure

Co-Cathedral Saint Jean: the structure

The Knights of Malta wanted to create a place of worship where all the "Languages" could meet; They began in 1573 the construction of a large church. Its masterpiece was Gerolamo Cassar, who created a church whose Renaissance façade is well balanced but rather austere.... Read more

Visit Co-Cathedral of Saint John: inside

Co-Cathedral of Saint John: inside

If the structure is simple, the interior decoration is sumptuous. It is the fruit of successive additions, over the years, in a wide variety of materials, colors and styles; In addition, the church contains many works of art. The vault first is a prowess of Mattia Preti which painted directly on... Read more

Visit The Grand Master's Palace

The Grand Master's Palace

It was Gerolamo Cassar who built this palace from 1571, in a very austere style, deprived of any decoration; But the interior is sumptuous. It can only be visited when there is no official visit: in fact it housed the Parliament and it still houses the offices of the President of the Republic.... Read more

Visit Valletta waterfront

Valletta waterfront

This walk along the water is bordered by a set of small baroque houses all identical constructed by Manoel Pinto de Fonseca in the eighteenth century. It is now a meeting place and festivities: there are many bars, restaurants, shops on the ground floor of the old houses. It is a high place of... Read more

Visit Church of Saint Publius

Church of Saint Publius

Under the sanctuary is the Cave of St. Paul: he would have stayed there during his brief stay in the island. It also housed a Spanish hermit in the 17th century, Juan Beneguas, who lived there all his life: he was the originator of the construction of the church of Saint Publius above the cave,... Read more

Visit Guardjola Gardens

Guardjola Gardens

The gardens were planned at the same time as the fort by the Grand Master of the Sengle in 1551. There are few plants in this garden which mainly contains palm trees, but it is a quiet place from where one has a view fantastic. A pretty sentry box placed at the end of the bastion, suspended above... Read more

Visit Vittoriosa (ex Birgu)

Vittoriosa (ex Birgu)

As Vittoriosa was the capital of Malta, there are many more monuments than in neighboring towns. First the visit of the Fort San Angelo imposes itself, not only for the historical aspect, but also for the magnificent view that it offers on all the surroundings. At the water'... Read more

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