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Visiter Market place

Market place


This large square of 200 m by 200 dates from the thirteenth century; Its center is occupied by the great Hall of Cloths...

Visiter Basilica of Saint Mary

Basilica of Saint Mary


It was built on the foundations of an ancient Romanesque church of 1220, destroyed during a Tatar invasion....

Visiter Altarpiece by Veit Stoss

Altarpiece by Veit Stoss


Veit Stoss (1450-1533) was born in Horb on the Neckar in Germany. He was a great wood carver, straddling the late...

Visiter Halle aux Draps

Halle aux Draps


It was built gradually between 1257 and today. It was originally used for the wholesale sale of fabrics, and consisted...

Visiter Collegium Novum

Collegium Novum


The building belonging to the Jagiellonian University was built between 1873 and 1887 by Feliks Ksiezarski, where ...

Visiter Collegium Maius

Collegium Maius


The Akademia Krakowska, founded in 1364, settled in 1400 in this building bought by King Wladislaw II Jagellon for the...

Visiter Church of Saint Anne

Church of Saint Anne


After Jan von K ty, professor of theology at Collegium Maius, already considered a saint, had been buried in the Gothic...

Visiter Tour of Florian

Tour of Florian


This gothic stone tower, 34 m high, dates from the beginning of the 14th century. : It was part of a double wall which...

Visiter Barbican



This round, Gothic, perfectly preserved fortress, which protected the main entrance of the city, was built around 1499....

Visiter Slowacki Theater

Slowacki Theater


It is a small wonder of the eclectic art realized between 1891 and 1893 on the drawings of Jan Zawiejski: it marries...

Visiter Church of the Dominicans

Church of the Dominicans


  The Dominicans arrived in Cracow in 1222: they were Jacek and Czeslaw Odrow, nephews of the bishop of the same name....

Visiter Old Synagogue

Old Synagogue


It is the oldest synagogue in Krakow; It was built towards the end of the 15th century and was rebuilt around 1570 by...

Visiter Church of Saint Catherine

Church of Saint Catherine


According to legend, Bishop Jan Bodzanka launched an anathema against King Kazimierz the Great for his dissolute life...

Visiter The Wawel

The Wawel


The first settlers had settled near the river Wisla and had built their citadel on the neighboring Wawel hill....

Visiter Cathedral



A first cathedral was built around the year 1000 after the creation of the Krakow bishop's palace....

Visiter Royal Castle

Royal Castle


A first Romanesque castle was erected around 1038 by Kazimierz the Renovator; There is practically nothing left....

Visiter Ocol



This central district is rich in important churches of different styles: Saints Peter and Paul, the Jesuit church, is...

Visiter Place Matejko

Place Matejko


It is located in the district of Kleparz, which has experienced many setbacks, and especially 6 very important fires...

Visiter The houses north of the Market Square

The houses north of the Market Square


Most of the houses in this square, renovated in the 19th century, are neoclassical in style, but their interiors, and...

Visiter Houses south of Market Square

Houses south of Market Square


To the south-east you can see one of the rare Jugendstil houses in the city, with four interesting houses: the Maison...

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