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Our app features the history of 31 monuments and great sites including places to discover Guimaraes. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Guimaraes

Visit Largo do Cidade

Largo do Cidade

It was in this square, on the outskirts of the village, that the people who depended on the transformation of the leather of the skin found the conditions necessary for its activity, especially water in abundance, thanks to the stretch of the river Of the Skins. At the end of the Rua dos Couros,... Read more


The Icône de Guimarães and the dawn of Portuguese nationality, the castle of São Mamede was built by the Countess Mumadona Dias in the second half of the 10th century to protect the monks from the monastery established on the site today The Collegiate of Oliveira. The new widow of Hermenegildo... Read more

Paço dos Duques of Bragança

This majestic 15th century palace is a unique example in the Iberian Peninsula and has been classified as a national monument since 1910. It was in this house that it was Domialo, the bastard son of Dom João I, responsible for its construction , And Dom Constance de Noronha.... Read more

Convento de Santa Clara

Baltasar de Andrade, Canon Master of the Collegiate School of Nossa Senhora da Oliveira, was responsible for the foundation, in the sixteenth century, of one of the richest monasteries of Guimarães. The religious institution was built in honor of the Virgin of Santa Clara, in the sixteenth century.... Read more

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira

The birth of the Insignia and Royal Collegiate Church of Nossa Senhora de Oliveira dates back to the foundation, by the Countess Mumadona Dias, about 950, of the monastery dedicated to the El Salvador of the World, the Virgin of Santa Maria and Santos Apóstolos. It was an important center of... Read more

Praça de Santiago

Tradition says that the apostle São Tiago brought an image of the Virgin Santa Maria in Guimarães and deposited in a pagan temple, on the site of what became the Praça de Santiago. Until the 19th century, the square had a small chapel dedicated to Santiago. Despite its demolition, in 1887, if we... Read more

Largo do Toural

The Place du Toural, the Guimarães visitor's lounge, was once a large intramural in the 17th century near the main gate of the village. It was an immense yard, completely open and without buildings, in its essence. Only the beautiful fountain of the Toural and the Cruise of the Fiado rose,... Read more

Igreja S. Francisco

The church and the convent began to be constructed, in 1400, with the permission of Dom João I. The church underwent several changes between century XV and the XVIII century. The main gate has still Roman reminiscences, the Gothic apse is of Batalhina influence and the Capitular Cloister room is ... Read more

Igreja de N. Sra. Da Consolação e Santos Passos

The church and sanctuaries of Nossa Senhora da Consolação and Santos Passos were classified as public interest buildings in 1993, but their origin goes back some centuries. Instead of a small and modest chapel, built in the 16th century, a new building with baroque architecture was built in October... Read more

Palácio and Centro Cultural Vila Flor

Those who want to know the Palace of Vila Flor will have the opportunity to see in their façades granite statues representing the first Portuguese kings. It was built on the orders of the Carvalhos family, in the middle of the seventeenth century. The queen Dom Maria II made a point of visiting it... Read more

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