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Our app features the history of 54 monuments and great sites including places to discover Moscow. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Moscow

Visit Museum of Fine Arts Pouckine

Museum of Fine Arts Pouckine

The museum was founded in 1898 and opened to the public in 1912. Its initial collection quickly expanded, when in 1918, after the October Revolution, works by Sergei Shchukin, Ivan Morozov and others Collectors were nationalized and attributed to the museum. Today it is an essential museum, rich in... Read more

Visit Tretiakov Gallery

Tretiakov Gallery

In 1867 Pavel Tretiakov, an industrialist and art lover, opened a museum in his house, rich in 1300 paintings by Russian painters. At his death in 1892 he donated his collection to the town, which increased it regularly, enlarged the patron's house several times, and built new buildings.... Read more

Visit Palace of Tsaritsyno

Palace of Tsaritsyno

In 1684, Peter the Great gave the property, which corresponds to the present estate of the castle, to the Moldavian prince Cantemir, who was his ally against the Turks. In 1775, Catherine II, passing by this property, was subjugated, and immediately bought it. She often returns, organizes numerous... Read more

Visit Museum of the History of the State

Museum of the History of the State

It was founded on the initiative of Count Ouvarov in 1872: he wanted to make the population aware of its roots and its belonging to a great people. The building was built between 1875 and 1883 in the Russian baroque style; A great deal of care was also taken inside. Each room, decorated in the... Read more

Visit Convent Novodievitchi

Convent Novodievitchi

It was founded in 1524 by the Great Prince Vassili III, to celebrate the reconquest of Smolensk (1514). It was a fortress-monastery, for in this newly reconquered region it was necessary to count with attacks; Besides, as early as 1571, the convent was destroyed by the Crimean Tartars and rebuilt.... Read more

Visit Bolshoi Theater

Bolshoi Theater

Moscow's most important theater was founded in 1776, when Catherine II granted Prince Peter Urussov the right to represent plays and lyrical performances. The first performances took place in a private house of the prince, with serf actors who belonged to him! A first theater was built from... Read more

Visit The fortress of the Kremlin

The fortress of the Kremlin

Excavations on the hill overlooking the confluence of the Moskova and Neglinnaya rivers have shown that it was already occupied during prehistoric times. But there is no trace of fortifications before those of the eleventh century. ; For a long time they were wooden fortifications, insufficient to... Read more

Visit Cathedral of the Archangel Saint Michel

Cathedral of the Archangel Saint Michel

It was built between 1505 and 1508 by the Italian architect Aloisio Lamberti da Montagnana. The walls are marked by the Renaissance Venetian aspect; They contrast with the bulbs that cover the roof and give a Russian look to the cathedral. These bulbs replaced an anterior dome and were added in the... Read more

Visit Cathedral of the Annunciation

Cathedral of the Annunciation

It was built from 1485 to 1489 and replaced a previous dilapidated cathedral; Ivan III had brought in architects from the city of Pskov to carry it out. At first it had only three cupolas, but on the occasion of a restoration due to a fire in 1547, Tsar Ivan IV (the terrible one) had 2 cupolas and... Read more

Visit The Palais des Térems

The Palais des Térems

It was built between 1635 and 1636 only by Russian architects: Antip Konstantinow, Baschen Ogurzow, Trefil Scharutin and Larion Uschakow. It was built on top of an already existing building, which explains the different aspect of the last 3 floors. The tent-shaped upper part, with a checkered roof,... Read more

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