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Visiter Columns Rostrales

Columns Rostrales


These 32 m high columns, built in 1811 by Thomas of Thomon, recall the Greek and Roman custom of exposing the prows of...

Visiter Kunstkamera (House of Curiosities)

Kunstkamera (House of Curiosities)


It is located in the beautiful Baroque building of 1727 designed by Georg Mattarnovy: its imposing mass is lightened by...

Visiter Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul


Peter the Great, very open to Western influences, wanted a different church from the traditional Russian churches;...

Visiter Cathedral of Saint Isaac

Cathedral of Saint Isaac


It is the work of Auguste Montferrand who supervised the works from 1828 to 1858. The plan of this neo-classical...

Visiter The buildings of the Hermitage

The buildings of the Hermitage


Catherine II built the Petit Ermitage from 1764 to 1775 by Vallin de la Mothe and Youri Velten, to escape from time to...

Visiter The Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage Museum


It is one of the largest museums in the world. Originally, Catherine II had bought 2500 masterpieces, 10,000 drawings,...

Visiter Saint Savior's Church on the Blood

Saint Savior's Church on the Blood


Alexander III had this church built on the plans of Alfred Parland and Ignace Malichev, at the place where Tsar...

Visiter Castle of Engineers

Castle of Engineers


It was built for Paul I by Vincenzo Brenna and Vassili Bajenov from 1797 to 1801: this tsar, afraid of being murdered,...

Visiter Russian Museum

Russian Museum


The palace was built by Carlo Rossi in the neo-classical style for the Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich from 1819 to 1825....

Visiter Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan

Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan


This Orthodox Cathedral was commissioned by Paul I in 1801, just before his death, to the architect Andrei Vorokhinin;...

Visiter Stroganov Palace

Stroganov Palace


This magnificent palace, restored recently, has been restored to its original appearance, was built for the account of...

Visiter Theater Mariinski

Theater Mariinski


It is an opera and ballet theater of world renown; Many works of Tchaikovsky, Moussorsky and Rimsky-Korsakov took place...

Visiter Cathedral Saint Nicolas des Marins

Cathedral Saint Nicolas des Marins


It was built from 1753 to 1762 by Savva Tchevakinski, pupil of Rastrelli, under the tsarina Elisabeth; It was destined...

Visiter Quay of the English

Quay of the English


The construction of this wharf, first called the quay of the lower bank, then quay of Saint Isaac, developed during the...

Visiter Stieglitz Museum

Stieglitz Museum


In 1876, Baron Alexandre Stieglitz, a rich philanthropist, founded a school of industrial design, which he completed in...

Visiter The Smolny Convent

The Smolny Convent


Smolnaya was a village where the boats constructed at the Admiralty were caulked; Peter the Great had a small summer...

Visiter Alexander Nevsky Monastery

Alexander Nevsky Monastery


It was founded in 1710 by Peter the Great in honor of Prince Alexander Yaroslavich named Nevsky (of the Neva) after his...

Visiter Oranienbaum



This castle was the ruin of Alexander Menshikov, who, not content with having a magnificent palace on the island of...

Visiter Peterhof



This palace built by Jean-Baptiste Leblond from 1714 to 1721, commanded by Peter the Great to autoclele after his...

Visiter Tsarskoye Selo

Tsarskoye Selo


(Czar's village) It was Tsarina Elisabeth who built the Baroque palace Catherine by Rastrelli from 1752....

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