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Top 10 places in Fuerteventura

Our app features the history of 21 monuments and great sites including places to discover Fuerteventura. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Fuerteventura

Visit Casa de los Coroneles

Casa de los Coroneles

It is a palace built in the eighteenth century, located near the city of Oliva, and used as a residence for colonels who have been in power for two centuries. This sumptuous palace is attributed to Ginés de Cabrera Bethencourt; it is a visible representation of the military power. Its facade has ... Read more

Visit Natural Park of Islote de Lobos

Natural Park of Islote de Lobos

The island of the wolves has an area of ??6 km 2 and a coast length of 17 km. It is so named because it was occupied for a long time by a very important colony of "sea wolves", a species of seal. But these seals eat 30 to 40 kg of fish daily, which was not to please the many fishermen of Corralejo.... Read more

Visit Montaña de Tindaya

Montaña de Tindaya

This mountain which rises to a height of 400 m above sea level, stands out clearly on the uniform plateau of Esquinzo, 150 m high. It is 6 km from the ocean. It contains many rock carvings, 300 in all, often in the form of feet, which indicate that this mountain was a sacred place for the Mahos.... Read more

Visit Jandia Natural Park

Jandia Natural Park

It is located on the Jandia peninsula south of Fuerteventura; it has been a protected area since 1987. Its northern part consists of the peaks of a mountain range and a stretch that descends rapidly towards the sea. It continues to the east by the desert zone of the Costa Calma, which brings it to... Read more

Visit Cueva del Llano

Cueva del Llano

This volcanic tube, which is at least a million years old, is near Villaverde, north of Fuerteventura; it was formed during the eruption of the volcano of Montaña Escanfraga. It is 600 m long, but can only be covered over 400 m: height between 7 and 12 m, width between 3 and 5 m. It was used for... Read more

Visit Cueva de Ajuy

Cueva de Ajuy

This cave is in the protected rural park of Betancuria; it was formed from a lava flow over a ravine. You reach the path that leads to the cave by a wide stone ramp; the path continues for 1.5 km along an impressive ravine 100 million years old. Its rocks formed (- 145; - 66 million years) in the... Read more

Visit Las Salinas del Carmen

Las Salinas del Carmen

These are the only saltworks still active in Fuerteventura. Until the 18th century, people had royal permission to use salt from natural salt for their own needs or to sell it, but only on the island. The first artificial salt works, the Salinas del Carmen, were built only at the end of the 18th... Read more


Before the Spanish colonization: The first important immigration on the island was that of the Berbers who settled there around - 500. They formed the Majo people who lived from the collection of plants, livestock and fishing, and can also be of elementary agriculture. Before the arrival of the... Read more

Visit Puerto del Rosario

Puerto del Rosario

This city of 29000 inhabitants is the capital of the island. It has many spaces dedicated to culture. Its auditorium contains 570 seats; it hosts plays, ballet shows and concerts, as well as conferences, galas and political meetings. The Juan Ismael Art Center is located in El Charco district;... Read more

Visit El Parque Escultorio

El Parque Escultorio

Puerto des Rosario has a park of about one hundred open-air sculptures, which are the fruits of the annual sculpture symposiums that began in 2001. The works are created during the symposium by sculptors from different parts of the world, to make a work on the spot in front of everyone.... Read more

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