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Visiter Casa de los Coroneles

Casa de los Coroneles


It is a palace built in the eighteenth century, located near the city of Oliva, and used as a residence for colonels...

Visiter Natural Park of Islote de Lobos

Natural Park of Islote de Lobos


The island of the wolves has an area of ??6 km 2 and a coast length of 17 km. It is so named because it was occupied...

Visiter Montaña de Tindaya

Montaña de Tindaya


This mountain which rises to a height of 400 m above sea level, stands out clearly on the uniform plateau of Esquinzo,...

Visiter Jandia Natural Park

Jandia Natural Park


It is located on the Jandia peninsula south of Fuerteventura; it has been a protected area since 1987....

Visiter Cueva del Llano

Cueva del Llano


This volcanic tube, which is at least a million years old, is near Villaverde, north of Fuerteventura;...

Visiter Cueva de Ajuy

Cueva de Ajuy


This cave is in the protected rural park of Betancuria; it was formed from a lava flow over a ravine....

Visiter Las Salinas del Carmen

Las Salinas del Carmen


These are the only saltworks still active in Fuerteventura. Until the 18th century, people had royal permission to use...



Before the Spanish colonization: The first important immigration on the island was that of the Berbers who settled...

Visiter Puerto del Rosario

Puerto del Rosario


This city of 29000 inhabitants is the capital of the island. It has many spaces dedicated to culture. Its auditorium...

Visiter El Parque Escultorio

El Parque Escultorio


Puerto des Rosario has a park of about one hundred open-air sculptures, which are the fruits of the annual sculpture...

Visiter Ecomuseo La Alcogida

Ecomuseo La Alcogida


It is a small hamlet preserved and restored, created to illustrate the traditional farming life in Fuerteventura....

Visiter La Oliva

La Oliva


This municipality of 22000 inhabitants has for main localities Corralejo (17000 inhabitants), Lajares (1800...

Visiter Corralejo



This city of 17000 inhabitants is an important tourist center because of its many beautiful beaches and its important...

Visiter Centro de Interpretación del Yacimiento Arqueológico of the Atalayita

Centro de Interpretación del Yacimiento Arqueológico of the Atalayita


Atalayita is an ancient Maho center located in the Pozo Negro Valley, in the municipality of Antigua; it was inhabited...

Visiter Casa Museo Miguel de Unamuno

Casa Museo Miguel de Unamuno


In 1924, the writer was dismissed from his post as rector of the academy of Salamanca and his post of professor of...

Visiter Oasis Park

Oasis Park


This park inaugurated in 1985 covers 80 ha; Originally, its land was home to camel breeding for the marketing of camel...

Visiter Museo del Grano

Museo del Grano


It is hosted by La Cilla de la Oliva, a church building, where the tithing collectors brought wheat, barley and...

Visiter The Fuerteventura Mills

The Fuerteventura Mills


As after the conquest, the population of Fuerteventura had increased rapidly, it was necessary to develop the...

Visiter Yacimiento arqueologico of Montaña Blanca de Arriba

Yacimiento arqueologico of Montaña Blanca de Arriba

Observation site

The center of Fuerteventura was a region where there were many indigenous villages; many rock inscriptions have been...

Visiter Asentamiento aborigen del Barranco of the Muley

Asentamiento aborigen del Barranco of the Muley

Natural Park

The area between Barranco de la Torre, Antigua and Barranco del Río Cabras was densely populated during the Mahos era....

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