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Our app features the history of 18 monuments and great sites including places to discover Granada. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Granada

Visit Colegiata San Salvador (Granada)

Colegiata San Salvador (Granada)

This church was built from the great mosque of the Albaicin: the ancient ablutions court is still well preserved because it was converted into a cloister of the new church. This ancient court dates back to the time of the Almohades, well before the Nasrid period. The church was created to... Read more

Visit Catedral (Granada)

Catedral (Granada)

Its construction began in 1518 and ended two centuries later. It is the first Renaissance church in Spain, but still has Gothic vaults and a baroque facade. This façade designed by Alonso Cano is original, with three very high arches, separated by pillars with pilasters, and it is above all this... Read more

Visit Palacio Madraza (Granada)

Palacio Madraza (Granada)

This palace was home to the first university in Granada. It was inaugurated in 1349 by King Yousuf I, where he taught law, medicine and mathematics. The primitive building was splendid, with a beautiful marble door, now preserved in the archaeological museum it contained a beautiful basin remodeled... Read more

Visit Corral del Carbón (Granada)

Corral del Carbón (Granada)

It is the only intact caravanserai of Spain. This inn, which was organized around a square courtyard, had rooms placed around this courtyard on the ground floor and on the upper floors. The caravanserai was built around 1336 and was not far from the big mosque, the silk market and the souk of the... Read more

Visit Casa de los Tiros (Granada)

Casa de los Tiros (Granada)

This Renaissance palace was built in the 16th century. And for a long time belonged to the Granada Venegas family, from Pedro de Granada, a Muslim converted to Christianity and whose original name was Sidi Yahia. The austere facade was part of the fortifications of the district and the name of the... Read more

Visit El Bañuelo (Granada)

El Bañuelo (Granada)

These Arab baths date from the 11th century. And are very well preserved. The barrel vaults of the rooms are supported by columns linked together by semicircular arches or bypassed the capitals of the columns are Roman, Visigoth or come from the abandoned palace of Medina Azahara. The Moorish baths... Read more

Visit Museo Arqueologico (Granada)

Museo Arqueologico (Granada)

This museum, currently closed (April 2012), is located in Castril, a beautiful 16th century Renaissance mansion with a beautiful plateresque façade, with a refined decoration overlooking the off-center entrance gate. It is organized around a beautiful patio and has a lovely garden and outbuildings... Read more

Visit Palacio Carlos Quinto (Granada)

Palacio Carlos Quinto (Granada)

King Charles I of Spain, who was Emperor Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire, built this palace after his marriage to Isabella of Portugal in 1526. Its construction was entrusted to Pedro Machuca who built it in the Mannerist style nascent And which created this beautiful circular patio: it is... Read more

Visit Monasterio de la Cartuja (Granada)

Monasterio de la Cartuja (Granada)

The construction of this monastery of the Order of the Carthusians began in 1516 and was never completely completed, although the monks lived there until 1835, when all the monasteries were closed. The Order of the Carthusians is an austere order in which the monks live in individual cells and... Read more

Visit Real Chancilleria (Granada)

Real Chancilleria (Granada)

This palace was built between 1531 and 1587 by order of the Emperor Charles V, to house a judicial administration founded in 1505 by Isabella I of Castile. This organization was suppressed in 1834 because of the new liberal orientation currently the palace hosts the Superior Court of Justice of... Read more

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