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Top 10 places in Ibiza

Our app features the history of 20 monuments and great sites including places to discover Ibiza. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Ibiza

Visit Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila

It is the upper town of the historic center of Ibiza; it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its fortifications were built in the sixteenth century, under the leadership of Philip II; it took 40 years to finish them. They were absolutely necessary because Ibiza was on the sea routes, and it was often... Read more

Visit Carthaginian necropolis of Puig des Molins

Carthaginian necropolis of Puig des Molins

The island of Ibiza (Ebysum) was colonized by the Phoenicians from - 654, year of the foundation of Ibosim (Ibiza town). They built a fortress, then a port and a shipyard. Necropolises have been discovered with many objects of everyday life, but very few precious objects. which is reminiscent of ... Read more

Visit Natural Park of Ses Salines

Natural Park of Ses Salines

This natural park extends between the south of Ibiza, near Sant Josep de sa Talaia , and the north of Formentera; it also includes the Freus group of small intermediate islands. The saltworks were developed from the beginning of the Carthaginian occupation in - 654, and their exploitation has not... Read more

Visit His Feixes Wetlands

His Feixes Wetlands

These wetlands, which are in a crescent-shaped area around the city of Ibiza, are a wintering place for many migratory birds and are an ideal place for animals, such as bats or reptiles. It is the Moors who brought with them the knowledge to fertilize dry lands, thanks to the construction of... Read more

Visit Walk in the old town

Walk in the old town

There are few monuments to visit in Dalt Vila, apart from the cathedral and the archaeological museum, but it is very pleasant to take a stroll in its narrow and winding streets: one discovers from outside many historic buildings. The former seat of the University was that of the Council of the... Read more

Visit The figures of the tombs of Puig des Molins

The figures of the tombs of Puig des Molins

: The styles of these figurines are of Egyptian type, Punic or Greek: it results from the fact that the burials took place over a long period, the 5th century BC to the Roman period. The statuettes that represent the dead are bearded men or not, but more often women richly decorated with terracott... Read more

Visit The archaeological museum of Eivissa

The archaeological museum of Eivissa

It is divided into several buildings including a hall of the University which, in the past, had been occupied by the town hall, a chapel and the bastion Santa Tecla. The museum presents over 3000 interesting objects, covering a period from prehistory to Christian reconquest.... Read more

Visit The archaeological museum of Puig des Molins

The archaeological museum of Puig des Molins

This museum is centered on a unique subject: the history of the necropolis. It unfolds in 5 rooms distributed chronologically. Room 1 covers the period (- 626, - 525): there are explanations on the funerary rites of the Phoenicians (Phenicia): burials and possible cenotaphs (homage to the deceased... Read more

Visit Cathedral


It was built in the 13th century on the mosque Yebisah, after 5 centuries of Moorish occupation; it is of Catalan Gothic style, but its nave is of baroque style, since the complete transformation of the interior in the 17th century. The church has undergone many additions over time, including the... Read more

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