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Top 10 places in Menorca

Our app features the history of 31 monuments and great sites including places to discover Menorca. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Menorca

Visit Mahon


This city of 30000 inhabitants is the most populated city of the island and its capital; it is the seat of the island council. It may have been founded by the Carthaginians. It has a neo-Gothic church built in 1771 above a 14th century Gothic church. The decoration of the exterior is elementary and... Read more

Visit Ecomuseo of Cap de Cavalleria

Ecomuseo of Cap de Cavalleria

This museum created in 1997 and located in a beautiful environment near the sea, proposes to protect, research and disseminate the natural and cultural resources of the Cape of Cavalleria and the old port of Sanitja neighbors. The associated research center studies the geological, biological,... Read more

Visit Hipogeos from Biniai Nou

Hipogeos from Biniai Nou

There are two funeral hypogea in the neighborhood of Mahon; they date from the Chalcolithic (transitory period between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age), considered for the moment as the oldest period of the settlement of Menorca. They have the distinction of having their burial chambers dug in the... Read more

Visit Naveta de Biniac Oriental

Naveta de Biniac Oriental

It is a bronze age funeral naveta built between - 1500 and - 1000, intended for collective burials. It is near the road from Mah? N to Ciudadela at km 8, on a road that goes on the left to La Argentina; the naveta is in the enclosure of the zoo Lloc de Menorca. It is almost circular oval base with... Read more

Visit Necropolis Cales Coves

Necropolis Cales Coves

Cales Cove is a cove located 10 km from Alayor, next to Lloc Nou. To get there, follow the signs to a car park and then continue on foot. The creek is surrounded by high cliffs pierced with hundreds of artificial caves that served as a necropolis during the Bronze Age and iron, and until the Roman... Read more

Visit Menorca History

Menorca History

Prehistory: It is likely that the first inhabitants of the island were farmers, managed to reach the island towards the middle of the 3rd millennium BC. They left artificial caves dug into the rock, which were first used as a place of residence and later used as collective burial grounds.... Read more

Visit Castillo de San Felipe

Castillo de San Felipe

This castle built by the Italian engineer Hugo de Cessane, at the end of the port of Mah? N, dates from the sixteenth century. ; it is one of the first castles of Spain built with bastions. The fort was intended to repel the attacks of the Turks: indeed, in 1535, Mah? N had been sacked by the... Read more

Visit Fortaleza by Isabel II

Fortaleza by Isabel II

After the demolition of Castillo San Felipe in 1850, this new fortress was built on the Mola peninsula, to defend the port, to be the base of the military operations on the island and to be a safe place for the army . Indeed, Spain feared that the English would reconquer the port to have a base of... Read more

Visit Camino de Caballos

Camino de Caballos

(Cami de Cavalls in Catalan) This is a 185 km long hiking trail that goes all around the island, mostly along the sea. It is perfectly marked and you can choose easy routes or moderate difficulty. The trail offers an astonishing variety, both in the landscape and in its geology: beaches, grazing... Read more

Visit Ciudadella


This city of 22000 inhabitants was the capital of Menorca until 1714, year of the installation of the English on the island. It is possible that it was founded by the Carthaginians; it then experienced the same invasions as Spain: Romans, Vandals Visigoths, Moors. In the Middle Ages it became an... Read more

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